My definition of parenting

I wrote this while I was over 8 months pregnant. My son, Ilan, will be six months tomorrow. I remember jumping up from bed at 5:55 am filled with excitement to be a mother. I was filled with an unexplainable sense of inspiration to be the best mother I could be to the little nugget I was carrying, and I wanted to remember everything I felt at that moment. I managed to sum it all up in the following:

PARENTING:  A beautiful journey where you are teaching a piece of you to live the best possible life they can live. As with every journey, there is heartbreak, but there are also huge moments of pride. Tears, but more moments of joy. In the end, you can step back, look at your life and be proud of one of your biggest accomplishments – nurturing a beautiful seed into an unbelievable rooted human being (no matter who they are or what they become). They, that little person who began as a speck, turned out to be your greatest masterpiece on this canvas we call life.  Always remember to include the very important ingredients:


ImageOur first picture together.  Taken the morning after he was born.

For the audio version of this post, click below.


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