The “love bug”

“I think my children caught the ‘love bug’.” I got a call from my sister, Friday morning, Mexican mother’s day. It was only 8 am and she had already been puked on, peed on, and pooped on.

I’m not a doctor, but I think my niece and nephew caught the “love bug”. My sister is such a good sport. She said the following without an ounce of sarcasm in her voice, “My kids just love me THAT much!” I couldn’t help but laugh loud enough for the neighbors to hear. My sister joined in.

We’ve learned to take these moments as signs of love. We like to think that our children are just that comfortable with us, comfortable enough to cover us in any of their bodily fluids. We very well know that they’d do it to anyone else, too. When you’re a baby and you have to go, you’re going to go and it doesn’t matter on who or what! The thing that sets a mother apart from anyone else is, we don’t get mad or disgusted (well, to a certain extent). Mothers were made with the fight instinct. We just get up with our chins higher than before, brush ourselves off (or more like deep clean ourselves if the moment permits), and keep right on chugging away.

Ilan’s gift to me came not Friday, but today. He woke me up at 6 am. He just couldn’t wait to give me his first gift. I woke up, heavy-eyed, to take him to the bathroom, and as I was taking his diaper off, he peed on my entire front side. Good thing it happened at home!

Ilan’s second gift came to me on our way to the Huntington Library. Five minutes from our destination Ilan projectile vomited all over the back seat of the car. I had never seen him do that, and I thought that was only possible in movies. Imagine almost 18 ounces of fluids coming out of my baby’s mouth as if it were coming out of a hose! When he finished, he gave me the biggest smile. He had the most beautiful expression of relief on his face. I laughed so hard that my stomach hurt and my eyes expelled genuine tears of happiness. Oh, and to top it off, he had an explosive diaper just for me to change. Good thing my fiancé was there to enjoy this moment of joy and love with me.

My first mother’s day was more than I could’ve asked for thanks to my fiancé and little nugget of a son.

Cheers to a very happy mother’s day! May your children catch the love bug – the good kind, not the one that will cover you in delicious bodily fluids. =)

ImagePicture courtesy of my fiancé.

For the audio version of this post, click below.


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