Traveling the town

Yesterday I was blessed to travel the town with Ilan. Only part of the day was planned, but overall, it seems as if sometimes the unplanned goes better than the planned.

The day started with a beautiful hike at Tree People in the Studio City area with our mother/daughter friends, Jennifer and Camilla. Camilla is three months older than Ilan, so it was fun to see the interaction now and how it has progressed in only a few months. They hadn’t seen each other since Ilan was four months old. Having children makes you more aware of how fast time truly flies, and it’s scary because a lifetime is actually only a wrinkle in time. All the reason to enjoy even the obstacles in life, right?

Being outdoors with my little Nugget and friends was refreshing. I don’t recall doing that since I was about six or seven months pregnant.

After the hike, the four of us went to brunch at Crave Cafe, in the same area as our hike. Our first time there. I was extremely pleased with the food and service. To give you an idea of how good the service was – the servers sterilized some of Camilla’s toys after the babies made a mine field out of them, AND they didn’t give me a hard time because Ilan left a “strawberry field” on the floor. I say a “strawberry field” because the plate of strawberries I ordered for him ended up on the floor instead of in his mouth. It’s not every day that my baby makes a huge mess and I don’t have to clean it up. I will most definitely be going there again! Yes, I did leave a generous tip.

We were done with brunch at around noon, and still had two hours before I had to pick up my little brother from the Burbank Airport. Instead of heading home, which would have taken about 45 minutes at that hour, I decided to head towards Burbank to find a park to enjoy with Ilan. Now that I think about it, it’s kind of sad that I haven’t taken Ilan to a park yet. Anyways, we still didn’t make it to a park, but we did end up at Travel Town in Griffith. I haven’t been there since I was in elementary school, so it was an adventure all in itself. I was extremely happy that my little Nugget enjoyed it even after the hike, brunch, and zero energy (he doesn’t sleep much). The two hours we were there went by quickly. I walked Ilan through the aisles of the old trains, took him to see the model railroads being built, and even rode the mini-train with him. An experience I feel that only stay-at-home moms get to enjoy. Boy, what a misconception!

I was so satisfied with yesterday’s outcome and felt like such a great mom because I was able to show Ilan a little piece of the place he will call home. We were overdue for a day like yesterday. I wish every day was like this.

The day out with Ilan was needed because it made me understand that sometimes holding down the fort (ie: doing dishes, doing laundry, cleaning) is not as important as spending quality time with my little one who is learning and growing at an accelerated rate. I do want to be a part of the learning and growth after all. I’ve gotten so caught up with being an “adult” that I forgot how it felt to really be a child again. I needed to document this day to look back on it when I feel overwhelmed with housework and remember what my mom has always said, “Doña Soledad no hace nada. El que hacer no se va a ningun lado”, which in English means, “Mrs. Solitude doesn’t do anything. Housework isn’t going to go anywhere.” This is so true. If it’s not going anywhere, maybe I should because at the end of the day, I want Ilan to remember me as an educative mother ready to share a moment instead of the crazy housecleaning lady.

On a side note, I thought that he would have been pooped enough to sleep through the night, but my little Nugget never ceases to amaze me. He slept less, but I wouldn’t change him for the world.

For inspiration and ideas – what was your favorite activity to do with your parent(s) growing up?

IMAG2717We found the “Little Nugget”!

IMAG2722My little Nugget learned a new skill from Camilla, he learned how to stick out his tongue. =) Thanks Camilla! (Excuse the blurry image, it wasn’t easy taking this picture alone.)

IMAG2680 Baby buddies, Camilla and Ilan. I don’t know about you, but this picture makes me smile from ear to ear!

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4 thoughts on “Traveling the town

  1. I like this Jasmin. You two had fun together, and he learned new experiences. You should always expose him to new things. The housework will wait for you.

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