Catch of the day

On Saturday, my sister, mom and I celebrated my sister-in-law’s baby shower. This will be my parents’ third grandchild in less than a year. I can’t wait to meet my nephew, Aiden! He’s coming into this world to an amazing set of parents. My brother is a fireman/paramedic and my sister is a massage therapist/esthetician. He’s going to be one strong, practical, relaxed, good-looking child.

My sister-in-law is quite the fashionable woman, but keeps it simple and classy. I mention this because her baby shower was kept simple, but resulted in a cute scene none-the-less.

The theme: nautical.

I think that I decided to spend a post describing it because I am proud of how the set up looked. My sister, mom, and I worked pretty hard on our responsibilities for the small shindig. I was responsible for the center pieces (which I can’t take credit for because it was my sister’s idea and doing, I just bought the flowers), the party favors, and the diaper cakes.

The Party Favors
Being the DIY person that I am, I quickly googled “nautical-themed party favors”. I managed to work my search down to find the following link to a great tutorial for some cute party favors. The tutorial is not a video, it’s a read, and what made it great for me was: it was well written, easy to understand, easy to make, and it has pictures (something that makes or breaks a read tutorial for me). The cool part is that these party favors can be made for any occasion all you have to do is change the colors and outside design according to the theme/occasion.

Link to: Baby Shower Party Favors


The only things I bought to make these were the cellophane bags and goldfish crackers to fill them with. I used whatever I had in my arts and crafts closet to make the shell. I didn’t get a picture of it, but my sister had the great idea of writing “Catch of the day” on the back. A perfect little play on words for the goldfish crackers found inside. The “AE” are my nephews initials.

Even though they were easy to make, one thing I would have done differently is BEGIN EARLIER. I tend to think that hand-made things won’t take too long, but when I get down to it, being a perfectionist really slows me down. All the lines must be cut as straight as the horizon, circles as perfectly round as a full moon, and well you get the point. It’s because of this reason that I ask myself at one point or another, “Why do I make everything by hand again?”

Oh yeah! Because I like the satisfaction of knowing that my hands made it.

The Diaper Cakes
Now keep in mind, these were my first diaper cakes ever so they do have an amateur look to them, but I can still say I was proud of them mainly because of my fiancé’s final touch which made them cakes. He also rolled all the diapers. I owe him a huge thanks because without him I wouldn’t have finished them. We finished them at 1 am the night before the baby shower. Wait, 1 am would make it the morning OF the baby shower. Team work!

As with the party favors, I searched a YouTube tutorial “diaper cake tutorial”. WRONG. I learned that this will result in all of the longest tutorials ever! I needed something fast, so I revised my search text to “diaper cake tutorial easy”. I found the following one which is under four minutes. The video is good enough to give me the idea of how to make a diaper cake. Nothing super fancy, but fancy isn’t what I was going for anyways.

I may be crafty, but Josh, my fiancé, is the artistic one. The whales are the type of paper crafts that you want to keep for your childs’ room. Again, simple, but adorable.

Side note: The music on the video is interesting, but not my taste so I just muted it and listened to something more inspiring to me.

IMG_8683This is how my sister set up the centerpieces. She used a dozen small jelly canning jars (the quilted ones to add some design), distributed white carnations with some greenery in each jar (hard to see the carnations in the pictures), and used white tulle for the bows.

IMG_8686I arrive at my mom’s house one evening to pick up Ilan (she watches him while I’m at work), and I find her making origami boats. She was in charge of food, but she decided that she wanted to add to the decorations, too. She used brown construction paper as the boat, stickers for boat detail, “It’s a boy” pencils as the mast,  and blue construction paper as the sail. She also had the brilliant idea of using the boats to hold candy for people to enjoy. I now know who I get my creativity from. =)

IMG_8730I regretfully did not get a picture with my beautiful pregnant sister-in-law, but I did get this cool picture of my sister, Ilan, and me. When we took the picture, my sister and I realized that we don’t have many pictures together. Truly a picture to cherish.

Have you ever put together a party with most, if not all, handmade decorations?
Any suggestions of good (and by good I mean easy) tutorials on anything crafty?

Cheers to a everything handmade, and to a growing family.


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