Mumford and Sons potty train

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Did the title capture your attention?

I am sorry to announce that I don’t have Marcus, Ben, Winston, and Ted in my house potty training my little Nugget. Believe me, I am very sad that I don’t. How awesome would it be to have Ilan training to Winston’s amazing banjo playing, or Ben’s extreme keyboard banging? Even though I’m disappointed that I don’t have this fine group of musicians helping me through an important milestone of my child’s life, I am still extremely excited about a few things today:

  1. This big Nugget gets to go on a day out with mommy friend, Jennifer (Remember Camilla? Yes, her mom.) to see Mumford and Sons in concert. Wooo! I haven’t been to a concert since I saw John Legend in 2009.
  2. Little Nugget keeps amazing me with his potty training talents.
  3. I get to blog at 9 in the morning! Usually I don’t get to blog until Ilan is played with, bathed, and nursed to sleep. For those of you that don’t know, these series of events can be a lengthy process. Yes, well, my process seems longer than lengthy because Ilan is the sleep-fighting champ! This explains the 11 p.m. blog posts.

While I pump, or perform my motherly duties as I like to say, I sit in front of the computer contemplating on how to get across the fact that I am extremely proud of my little Nugget for his progress in the bathroom without sounding too boastful. Heck, I don’t think I should be worried because a mother’s pride in her children never ends.

Ilan will be 7 months in a week. He started potty training on April 30th or when he was 5 months. Why so early? To tell you the truth, we approaching our last pack of diapers and I got nervous and decided to designate him his toilet. Ok ok, although there is some truth to that statement, it isn’t completely why we started potty training. A few months back when my fiance and I were getting out hair styled, our hair stylist shared with us that she new an older lady who took care of babies. As soon as they would learn how to sit up on their own, she would start potty training. Josh and decided obviously adopted this idea. Without knowing how well Ilan was going to take to this, we went for it.

My mom let us borrow a mini-toilet  (lets call it “frog” because that’s what it’s in the shape of) for Ilan, and I introduced him to it by taking off his diaper and sitting on it for about 5 minutes. The first time on frog, Ilan only wobbled on amused by the novelty of it. Although I am not home with him during the week, when I get home in the evenings and on the weekends, I made it a habit to sit him on frog at once an hour. On the third visit, he went pee. I thought it was a just a lucky catch. I was wrong, within two weeks, Ilan learned that frog was a place to relieve himself. I could and couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it because at only 6 months old, my little Nugget was using the bathroom. I could believe it because I was being consistent and making it fun for him.

Now, by saying that Ilan learned how to go potty in the toilet, I don’t mean that he doesn’t have a wet diaper every morning, but I do mean that he rarely has a soiled diaper. Every morning he goes number 1 and 2. That is his routine. I’ve changed maybe 3 soiled diapers in the last month. Actually 4 if you count the blowout on mother’s day.

People may say that he is too young to be potty trained, but this is my take on it – if a baby can safely sit up on their own and a caretake has the ability to safely practice their potty skills on a toilet, why not? I don’t expect to remove all diapers from Ilan any time soon, but at least I am confident that when they time comes to do so, it will be slightly easier since he knows what a toilet is and isn’t scare to sit on one.

Last Sunday, we celebrated my little cousin’s birthday party at my aunt’s house. I noticed that Ilan was starting to fuss.

Pause. I forgot to mention that I am getting better at reading Ilan’s potty signs. When he gets extremely fussy and demanding, it’s safe to assume he has to use the bathroom. Well, obviously if he’s fed and rested.

Back to the story. Ilan was starting to fuss. I decided to take him to the bathroom where I sat him on a “big person’s” toilet. What did he do almost instantly? Go 1 and 2. I was so proud of him! Still am. I wiped him down and flushed the toilet. He left streak marks! I was going to try and clean them, but I had him in my arms, so I decided to let the next person into the bathroom know that Ilan left some residue. The next person in – my grandma! After my grandma came out of the bathroom, she let me know that she had to clean them so that the next person wouldn’t think it was her.


In sharing this story with Josh, he made a very good point. Who would’ve believed it to be Ilan???

Cheers to a very happy Sunday and good luck to all of those parents that are potty training. Potty training their kids. =)

IMG_8891How can I not be proud of this child?

A big thanks to two people today.
Josh, my fiance for helping me potty train Ilan. I’d prefer you over Mumford and Sons any day!
Jennifer, thank you for inviting me to Mumford and Sons. I need this. WE need this!


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