To the father that tries his best

Dear Papa,

Although you never liked me to call you “papa” because it means potato, you never argued. There’s something about not putting an emphasis anywhere in the word that makes it a special name for you.

Although you’re not the type to wear bows in your hair, you never complained because I wanted to style your hair into a dozen little pig tails just because I was bored.

Although you liked to drink, you never scolded me for throwing away your alcohol in front of your friends. Thank you for not punishing me for such actions. Now that I think back on it, I know I must have embarrassed you.

Although you worked 10+ hour days and didn’t necessarily like to roller blade, you were never too tired to take me for a Balboa Park round. I now know that you MUST have been beat since you worked all those long hours in the unforgiving sun.

Although you weren’t paid for your time off from work, you always made time to make it to all of my important school/life events. It must have been frustrating to make up that work at a later time.

Although we have our disagreements, difficulties, and differences, I acknowledge that you are my father, will always be, and are constantly trying your best.

To you, I say a heart-felt THANK YOU.

I know I didn’t come with a manual giving you step by step instructions for how to deal with a hyper active little girl, complicated teenager, and now emotional mother-of-one-of-her-own, but you somehow did and are doing great. Thank you.

If ever you did fail in any aspect of fatherhood, please be assured that I forgave, forgot, and love you more than ever. Besides, you are now the grandfather who is trying his best, and you are doing a great job in my book.

Happy Father’s Day Papa!

Cheers to many more years of celebrating the awesome fathers in our lives.


This is my father and me at my sister’s wedding almost 5 years ago.


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