Laundry made fun

I’ll be honest, I don’t think there is any way that laundry can be made fun. Lets face it, laundry is one of those chores that never ends. Nowadays you can pay someone to do it for you, but even then, you have to drop off and pick up your clothes at the laundromat. I wish clothing could clean itself like those self-cleaning ovens.

If there is any reason whatsoever to why I enjoy laundry now it’s because I use my homemade detergent. The fun part being making my detergent.

After watching a documentary called Chemerical, Josh and I threw away all of our chemical cleaners and started fresh. We purchased a few multipurpose ingredients: vinegar, baking soda, Dr. Bronner’s soap, washing soda, borax, and hydrogen peroxide.

I highly recommend Chemerical. It explains in a simple and in depth way what we are putting on our bodies on a daily basis, and how throughout a lifetime all the toxins found in name brand detergents, for example, can cause our bodies to develop issues such as allergies (to put it lightly). My favorite part of the film is that it empowers you by teaching you that you can make your own household cleaners and hygiene products such as wood floor and window cleaner, shampoo, deodorant, hair gel, and even lipstick.

Slowly, Josh and I have been using whatever store-bought products we have and then no longer buying more. So far we have made our own laundry detergent, dish soap, and soon we will be making our own shampoo.

It astonishes me how many people don’t know that you can make your own detergent, but then I thought it was too hard to do before I actually found out how to do it. It is one of the easiest recipes I’ve ever followed. The hardest thing about it is keeping count of how many cups of water you are using. I got the recipe from the Chemerical Cookbook. The recipe is as follows:

34 cups of water
2 cups of washing soda
2 cups of borax
2 cups of soap flakes (or a bar of pure natural soap grated)

Bring 4 cups of water to a boil.
Add the soap flakes to the boiling water and dissolve over low heat.
Pour the soap/water mixture into a pail with a lid on it. Then stir in the washing soda and borax until it disappears.
Lastly, add the 30 cups of water to the mixture and mix well.

For our cleaning products, we like using Dr. Bronner’s soap bars in citrus and tea tree. Dr. Bronner’s is awesome because it is a versatile castile soap made by a company that truly believes in helping the earth and people.
Hate soap scum? You should be using castile soap! Castile soap is made with vegetable oils whereas regular soap is made with animal fats or tallow. I’ve noticed that castile soap doesn’t accumulate soap scum as fast as regular soap. I’d love no soap scum, but less soap scum is great, too.
I usually buy my Dr. B bars from Follow Your Heart in Canoga Park for $4.49, but I recently found them on sale at Sprouts for $3.39.

Borax and washing soda are two more versatile cleaning ingredients that are great to have handy. You can find borax pretty much anywhere. I bought my box at Target for about $8.99. I’ve made three batches of detergent and I still have enough for one more.
The washing soda was more difficult to find. I only found it online or at Ace Hardware store. I drove to my nearest Ace hardware store and bought a box for $4.79. The box lasted me three batches.

The bucket we obviously bought from Lowes. The bucket cost $3.97 and the lid cost $1.97. The detergent plastic is recycled from the last bottle we bought three batches ago. A batch makes two of those purple plastics which on average lasts us about two months, and we are a family of three!

It’s fun making your own stuff. I look forward to teaching the little Nugget to DIY.

If you have ever made your own anything, please share your recipe(s).

Cheers to thinking outside the tallow bubble.


3 thoughts on “Laundry made fun

    1. Thank you for sharing, Melanie! I love the website and I look forward to trying the toothpaste recipe.

      Have you noticed any kind of difference using your own homemade toothpaste?

      Any chance you will be coming to California in the near future?

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