My little chameleon

I am so proud of the independent little person you are becoming. I thought it would sadden me that there would be a time when you’d start needing me less as you grew older, but to my surprise, my pride in you outshines the fear of you becoming what I have become to my own mother – an independent offspring.

I’ve seen so much growth in you in the last few weeks, and I know it’s only the beginning. Arriving at home today after an eventful day in Big Bear, I saw something so beautiful in you – an inquisitive look and committed character that assures me that you will be an incredible individual that will leave a positive mark on this world whether it be on a local or global scale.

My favorite part of observing you is the enjoyment of finding similarities to animals in you. This would normally be an odd thing to do, comparing your child to an animal, but to those who know me, it’s the only way I can properly explain how awesome you are.

Today you reminded me of a walking chameleon. You are willing, able, and excited to do something new, but you tread the new territory carefully. Something I admire about you already. I don’t know if chameleons in character are this way, but I do know that your yet-to-become-fluid movements look like this reptile in motion.

Cheers to your discoveries and growth!



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