With great titles come great responsibility

A promotion usually means more responsibility, energy, most times higher compensation, and should mean having pride in yourself. In thinking about my role in my little family, I realized that I received a life promotion on November 8th, 2012.

Have you ever thought of “mother” and “father” as titles? Imagine seeing that on a name badge – name on top: “Jasmin” and then title right underneath: “Mother”. It is a silly thought, but it is true. Most parents I think would agree, that a week into the life of your first-born you asked yourself, “What did I get myself into?” Maybe you didn’t ask yourself in these exact words, but you did using other words, emotions, or actions, and I don’t mean this in a negative way. I’ll admit that I asked myself, but I would not change it for the world. If I could have graduated from college in being a mom, I would have graduated magna cum laude. I was meant for this.

To continue with the title of “Parent”, it is great responsibility in having a child. You are a little person’s guardian. Guardian! It is still very surreal for me when writing “mother” in the box labeled “relationship to minor” on medical forms. When I write it, I always find myself smiling and looking over to Josh and saying, “Hey, we have a son.”

The amount of energy you will use to raise a child is incredible. Even if you are a young and/or energetic parent, there will be a point of exhaustion. There was a point in time when I realized that the exhaustion is necessary though. When I see Little Nugget’s smile and the way he is developing, I know that my exhaustion is at work. As the signs you see on the freeways under construction say, “Your tax dollars at work.”

The compensation? This varies from parent to parent. What’s your favorite thing about your child? Whatever it is about your child that makes you smile, will be the compensation. My favorite thing about Little Nugget is his gummy smile, his laugh, the sparkle in his eyes, and his determination.  The joy my heart feels when I experience these things about Little Nugget is ridiculously awesome.

I think that taking pride in your title is a must. It is such an honor to be a parent. I think everyone has the potential for it, some just decide to engage in making it a talent while others let it waste away. The honor is in being chosen and trusted in raising a human being to the best of your ability. The way I see it, God entrusted Josh and I to help a child develop into a good person who will carry on our love and eventually pass his own onto his children.

Cheers to promotions!



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