Some time

It has been some time that I’ve blogged, longer than I’d like to go without posting. When I started my blog, my goal was to post once a week. I often times have some great ideas, thoughts, and experiences for posts but by the time I have the opportunity to sit and write, my great ideas aren’t fresh enough for me to properly convey the emotions I wanted to at that exact moment. I do feel guilty because I want to share my positive experiences with you, but when I stop and allow myself to fully enjoy the moment, my guilt is proven to be all in my head. I have to remind myself that I can only share what I have time to share unless I want to compromise my “being present in the moment”.  I’m a mommy, a fiancé, a daughter, sister, aunt, godmother, full-time employee, student, and the number of roles goes on and on. We all wear a great number of hats, and as you may know, it’s difficult to keep all the hats worn and in good shape. It takes me work, but I accept that my entries will and should come naturally.

At the moment, I feel very alive, fulfilled, occupied, and productive. I have recently taken on the following: a class at Pierce college, the childbirth educator certification through ICEA, and “coaching” my friend through pre-pregnancy and, hopefully, pregnancy.  It’s been a long while that I’ve put my talents to work and it feels great. I’ve discovered new talents and passions, and rediscovered some old ones.

Prioritizing has probably been the most difficult thing to do lately. Seeing Little Nugget grow as fast as he is makes me want to get so much fulfilled at once. I’ve come to see children as little walking, breathing, living clocks. They’re a painfully beautiful reminder that days don’t walk, they sprint. Learning to prioritize people, talents, and passions, the strongest being in front, but never forgetting to practice the weak, will keep you as happy as possible. Make sure to applaud yourself when needed to continue feeling confident, but always remembering to remain humble and know that obstacles are more important than successes as they make you stronger, wiser, and keep you grounded.

I think motherhood has been my epiphany. Starting my own family and being an extension of one is magical.

Cheers to living in the moment.

PhotoGrid_1379902030903My little family.
(Little Nugget shown twice.)


2 thoughts on “Some time

  1. Extremely revealing of your diverse personality and your desire to be perfect in each of your endeavors. You have taken on a lot, and I wish you success with all.

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