I am not Jean Grey

The certification process is coming along.  I’ve been working on getting as much of my reading done while working full-time plus some, attending class once a week, and doing my best to not compromise my time with Josh and Little Nugget.  There is always a place I fall short, though, and I believe that’s simply because I’m not Wonder Woman, Superwoman, or Jean Grey.  I am, however, a human giving as much as I can to the best of my ability.  I’m working to make my dreams a reality.

I had an epiphany during a hot shower.  True story.  It began with me being grateful and thanking God for the hot water that was falling on my shivering and rigid body.   I thought about how much it would stink if I only had cold water to shower with, or worse, no water at all.  This lead me to praying, “please help me be an aid in providing necessities to those who lack them.”  This finally cascaded into realizing what one of my end goals is.

I want to be a key resource to pregnant women who cannot afford
taking birth classes or get prenatal, intrapartum, or postpartum care.

I have other goals in mind, too, but this just feels right in my heart.  When I think about helping provide soon-to-be-mommas a knowledge-filled, positive, and loving pregnancy,  it makes me want to build a community.  A strong and healthy one.  After all, it all begins at home.

Cheers to finding your passion.

ImageLittle Nugget as Superman at Boo at the LA Zoo.


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