Happy 1st birthday Little Nugget!

If my heart could sing a million notes of love to you, it would sing from its own heart.  It would sing the most beautiful song of endearment to you.
I wish I could express to you in under a minute how much you mean to me, but I’m overjoyed to know that I will have a lifetime to show you.
You made me a mommy and made us a family.  Your name was chosen especially for you because you were that missing element that helped our tree branch out.
I have never felt this kind of love.  The love of a mother.  An unconditional love, the type that has taught me what my meaning of life is.  You’re so young, but already you have taught me so much.
I have been entrusted as your mother.  That’s a big deal!  I was considered cool enough (by God) to be your mother!  Ilan Josue Cervantes you rock!  Thank you for being so amazing!

Cheers to a side-ways eight of birthdays together…on earth and in heaven.



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