My reflections as a mother

I recently made the decision of treating myself to an early birthday present. I got a new DSLR camera because my old one decided to kick the bucket.

Since I got my camera, I have felt so inspired to photograph anything and everything. I find a good picture in every scene of my day, especially when it comes to my time with Little Nugget and Josh. With this being said, I have begun my first photography project and it’s called “My reflections as a mother.” The goal of this project is to document my favorite ways to interact with Little Nugget. These “poses” reflect my relationship with him and how I feel in the moment that I hold him, talk to him, or simply interact with him. Pictures always take me back to that moment in the photograph, so what better way to remember than with a picture.

I dedicate this project to the following special people in my life –

Little Nugget,
I can’t thank baby Jesus enough for blessing me as your mommy. 

My better half,
Thank you for your strong and sincere support in anything I love to do. 

Thank you for giving me my first DSLR camera and sparking the appreciation of photography in me. 


This is probably my favorite way to interact with Little Nugget. Little Nugget loves to be held in the air like this. The way he laughs when I throw him up and catch him is beautiful music to my ears. It brings out the sunshine in any cloudy day.
Little Nugget also likes craisins and hence the little plastic container filled with them at my feet. Craisins are a traveling must for us.

ImageThis exact pose was the way I was carrying Little Nugget when he gave me my first kiss from him. 


And even though I love carrying him like this….


he doesn’t like it. At least not with me. He lets his daddy carry him like this for as long as daddy wants.


But I’m perfectly fine with that because he lets me hold him close…


and thats the way he likes me.

Cheers to those moments of reflection that make you appreciate life!


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