Chicken in a pie

Yesterday, Josh and I rode the Fullerton Loop with Cousin Shang. It was my first mountain bike ride in more than a few months. It was a refreshing loop with some nice uphills and steeper downhills. I will be the first to say that I am a weenie when it comes to descents, so steep to me can very well mean fun to another person. This was roughly a 12 mile loop with the option to ride on fire roads, single tracks, alongside some old train tracks, on city road, through a tunnel, and through/over some other nice surprises.

Anyways, the intention of this post was to give you a preview of a restaurant that Josh had been wanting to take me to for a few years now.

Stumbling across La Palma Chicken Pie Shop on the way home from a nice ride was the second highlight to the 1st day of my February.

I don’t remember how many years ago, Josh and I were in Orange County visiting his family. On our way there we were craving some chicken pot pies, and Josh happened  to mention that as a child his family would eat at this restaurant where their specialty was chicken pot pies. We were so excited to go, but we didn’t know the name of it and our attempts at locating it were unsuccessful. We are chicken pot pie fans, so we were disappointed in not finding it.

God has reasons for everything. We had two options to get home after the ride, via the freeway or via surface streets. Being the navigator, I decided to choose the surface street option. We were maybe 10 minutes into our drive when Josh exclaimed, “That’s it!” or something like that, as he proceeded with entering the center lane to turn into a plaza.

Surely enough, there it was. The restaurant that we could not find the day we were craving chicken pot pies, though the moment we found it couldn’t have been better. I have a whole list of reasons to why I instantly liked this restaurant. The following are my top three reasons:

1. Everything is old! You would think this is a bad thing, but allow me to explain myself. The set-up, the decorations, and even the bathrooms are original and true to it’s era. The best part, it’s all well-kept and clean. To give you an example, it’s like that old car that still has its original paint and parts, and has been maintained to keep the integrity of the model. I visited the ladies room, and on my walk there I tried to absorb as much as possible because of the nostalgic feeling it gave me and because this restaurant is at least an hour away from where I live.

The ladies room was a small room split in two. Both rooms had doors, but only the outermost room had a lock making it feel more intimate than the larger public restrooms. The sink and paper towel dispenser took me back to elementary school in the early 90s. Everything was in mint condition and running as if they were modern day items.

2. The staff was completely awesome! I will admit that I judged a book by its cover. All of the waitresses are on the older side, and they looked grumpy, but boy was I wrong. I have to say that the customer service I experienced was in my top 3 best experiences. Diane, our waitress was sweet with a kick. She was just the right amount of attentive, and had a great sense of humor. The perfect blend. I could tell that she had been working there for a long time because she knew what we were going to ask and she answered our questions almost instantly, and she was sweet in doing so. She even gave Cousin Shang, who joined us for lunch, a free dessert for being a sweetheart himself.

In addition to Diane, there was the busboy, Alexis, who was absolutely awesome. If I could, I would nominate him as employee of the month every month! He was maybe 17 years old and already had the work ethic, politeness, and humility of a successful and well-seasoned restaurant entrepreneur.

3. The food was delicious! Of course, I ordered a chicken pot pie. It’s a muffin-sized pot pie. I’m used to the large Claim Jumper or Marie Callender’s chicken pot pie, so that did catch me off guard. However, I don’t know what else I was expecting for $4.50. The size had nothing to do with the taste, though. There was no compromise there!

Josh also got a chicken pot pie, and two more to go, and Cousin Shang had some fried chicken and cole slaw. Cousin Shang reported that the fried chicken was great. Josh and I tried the cole slaw since there was more than a serving on its own plate and it was too much for Cousin Shang. It was perfectly crunchy and not too sweet. We all had mashed potatoes and gravy, and those were flavorful but not overwhelming.

I would definitely give this restaurant 5 out of 5 stars because it met or exceeded my expectations.

If you like chicken pot pies and are in Anaheim, I’d recommend you considering eating at La Palma Chicken Pie Shop before the Marie Callender’s down the way.





Cheers to good food!


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