Fourth at the Drive-In.

Why is time always in a hurry?  My first nephew, JP, turned 4 years old today.  It hurts my heart to know that he is no longer my only nephew, but the eldest of the cousins in my immediate family.  It also hurts that he will be going to school this coming fall, but I am proud to see the little man he is becoming.

His awesome momma, my favorite sister, celebrated his birthday yesterday by hosting a “drive-in movie” party.  It was something very intimate with a few friends and family, but it was nothing short of joyful and entertaining.  Some of the children showed up with their hand-made cardboard box cars while others came with their “enhanced-technology” cars.  They were all ready to watch “Frozen”.  Ok, maybe the 6 month olds weren’t so interested in the movie, but they still came with their own cars.  It was so cute!  One of the best parts was seeing how the kids didn’t seem to mind if their car was being occupied by another kid; they just found an available car and made themselves comfortable in it.  It was peaceful.  How often does that happen among a group of kids?

Kudos to my sister for being crafty and creative, for always finding a way to make my nephew’s birthday wish possible, and for making such an awesome kid.

Please join me in wishing JP a very happy birthday and a long healthy and happy life.



IMG_1958The little man of the hour. My nephew, JP.

IMG_2072And of course, I have to throw one of Little Nugget in here.  Do you like his license plate?

Cheers to watching kids grow!


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