A letter to Alvin

Dear Alvin,

You sit in front of me, staring at me, motionless.  Your hair stands in the mohawk that many people know you for.  Your small paws support those thin legs of yours.  Your beige coat blends in with the color of the floor.  If it wasn’t for your dark nose, big brown eyes, and Grand Canyon yawn, I would forget you were there.  You are a cat trapped in a dog’s body.  Actually, not when it comes to humans on skateboards–you’re  100% canine when it comes to that.  You are our family dog.

As Big Nugget, I am happy to have you around because of the dog lover that I am.  As Little Nugget’s mom, I am grateful for your presence in this household, for your patience with Little Nugget, and for your eternal loyalty to Josh.  I love the bond you have with Josh.  It makes me happy to see a man and his dog connect on a level that only a pet and their true owner can understand.  Furthermore, seeing what you have sparked in Little Nugget’s heart is amazing and touching.

Alvin, you have brought a sense of independence to Little Nugget’s life.  You have created a channel of communication between my child and me.  When he doesn’t listen, I just ask Little Nugget where you are, and like magic, I have a voice again.

Thank you for being patient with Little Nugget.  I know you don’t like mini-humans laying on top of you, or any humans at that, but you don’t complain about it.  Like the loyal family dog that you are, you lay there and take it.

I promise that your love doesn’t go unnoticed.  I can assure you that I see it and feel it on a daily basis.  Your love radiates from your tail wags to your kisses.

Thank you for being pawesome!


Your mommy





Cheers to the pets that complete our families!


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