Late night fever kisses

I write the following post with my heart on my sleeve.

My heart goes out to those who are undergoing any type of dark moment in their life. I pray that they may see there is light at the end of the tunnel, and I know that it is easier said than believed, but there is.  I am a strong believer in obstacles and the power they have on our character and personal growth.  They are essential for our basic existence.

It has been a bit of a struggle to keep my head and heart above all of the chaos. My struggle has stemmed from the negative chaotic events that surround us daily; theft, accidents, angry confrontations between strangers, and death are only a few off of the long list. However, along with all the bad, there is good. I promise there is, we just have to be willing to see it and accept it. The promise is for me too because sometimes I don’t believe it myself, but then I see Little Nugget’s face and all is well. My light is the love within my family. My light is Little Nugget’s presence.

I have very little experience in being a mother, but the love that I have to give is undeniably well seasoned. When you become a parent, your heart seems to grow 100 times bigger (at least).  Parenthood has created a love in me that helps me find positives in everything. It helps me see that there are many things that could count against your happiness, but so many more to build you up.

The late night fever kisses. Josh and I found ourselves frustrated learning how to care for our fevered child that fought anything that could make him feel better. The good? He only wanted to be held, and in holding him we learned that he now puckers his lips to kiss and properly “smacks” them on our lips, cheeks, or wherever his little heart desires. The open-mouthed wet kisses are now a stage from the past. They were well enjoyed.

The late night shifts. My better half and I had to take turns staying with fevered Little Nugget (LN). My shift with LN consisted of dancing and spinning in the dark with him in my arms well past midnight. His laughter reminded me that he was indeed going to feel better soon, and I hope he knew that too.

The opportunity to allow yourself to be laughed at. The other night I was attempting to do some “pull-ups” as part of a workout. LN found it to be hilarious. His genuine laughter made me feel like a child (in a good way). It reminded me that it didn’t matter to LN if I was fit or slightly out of shape, I bring him joy regardless.

As monotonous as daily living can get, it is all wonderful and part of what makes us human. The good may not seem like a lot compared to all the chaos, but add it all up and it becomes bigger than life.

Cheers to all of the little nuggets that inspire love and happiness in us!

IMG_4741LN almost demanded me to set up the camera to take a picture on this step stool. I don’t know if
that’s a good thing or a bad thing. (I know the angle makes me look like a giant.)




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