Moms are the embodiment of God

Mommas, you are the embodiment of God. Your heart loves your children unconditionally. Your arms and hands are the only ones that know exactly how to hold your children the way they need to be held. Your eyes see the endless beauty in your children, the beauty that God created them from. Your voice is the voice of comfort to your children, the voice that knows what song to sing or what poem to recite when they need some uplifting. Your children come from your flesh, they are half of you, so the beauty that you see in them, you can also find in yourself. And for those of you that didn’t bear your children, they still come from you. Your heart is bigger than life itself. You’ve opened your heart to a little stranger who has become part of your heart, mind, and entire life.

I started my Mother’s Day frustrated and feeling unattractive. I’m happy that the first thing we did outside of our home was go to church. In church, the priest invited all the mothers to the altar during the consecration of the Eucharist. Being surrounded by all those mothers was empowering and humbling. My egotistic feelings of wanting to look beautiful were quickly put in their place. I was standing at the altar where I should have been praising God for blessing me with the title of “Mother”, not feeling bad about how I looked. It was then that I was grounded. On that altar, I realized that mothers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and with their own styles. I remembered that I am beautiful just the way I am. At that moment, I wanted to break out in a rant from the emotion that was going through my heart. I wanted each and every one of those women to know that they are beautiful, strong, passionate, selfless, loving, intelligent, hard-working – all the things that a mother is and always forgets they are. Mothers aren’t easy, and I know this because I am one. We can be indecisive, stubborn, and crazy, but thank God for Mother’s day. Thank God for this blessed day necessary to let all mothers know at least once a year that they are worth every frustrating moment, worth every tear, worth every argument.

During mass, we also remembered and prayed for those mothers who have passed away. I couldn’t help but feel a stronger urge to pray for the mothers who have lost their children. My heart was heavy and all I could think about was Jaqui who recently lost her beloved son, Ryan.  Before Little Nugget, I felt sad about the injustices against children. Now, as a mother, my heart is deeply affected by these same injustices. Little Nugget embodies all of the good in my world, and my days are incomplete when I don’t get to see him.

Jaqui, I know you have countless of supportive text to read from people near and far, but I’ll still put this out there for you. You are an inspiration to me. Your strength shines through as hope for me and all the mothers in the world. Ryan lives on through you. He will continue to love and smile through you. His physical body may have been taken from this earth, but his soul is with you always. Just as you never left his side, he will never leave yours.

To all of you mothers questioning if you are a good mother or not, remember that there’s no handbook that we bear or adopt with our children. We simply do our best and learn as we go.

To those moms who allow their children to eat cheerios off the floor (that includes me), your children don’t judge you. They love you. God loves you. He entrusted you with the life of a child, a child to call your own.

IMG_5357The two mothers that inspire me on a daily basis, my sister and my mother. I don’t know what kind of mother I’d be without them.

IMG_5516He is the reason I am a mother.

Cheers to all of those we call mothers!

Happy one year anniversary to my little blog space! I truly appreciate your love and support from the bottom of my heart!




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