Enduring the discomfort

Little Nugget,

You got your first haircut today. You got what I call the “schoolboy cut”. It reminds me of your Tio Serg’s hair when he was a baby. Dad and I are so proud of you. This little wrinkle in time consisting of a simple haircut is now a memory treasured with an extreme sense of pride. Though it wasn’t your choice to cut your hair, you still handled it like a champ. Sure, you were a little uncooperative towards the end, but there is something to learn from this. There will always be times in life that are uncomfortable but you still have to endure them. However, with God by your side, it will be easier to endure the discomfort with a lifted chin and hopes for high spirits when it’s over. That is exactly what you did. Your chin came with a fight and some tears, but when it was over, you played it off like nothing had ever happened. You smiled, giggled, and strutted along as usual.
Little Nugget, you are a champ and we are so proud of you.

IMG_5743This picture was taken yesterday knowing that it was his last night with his long hair. It was here that I realized that I should’ve dressed him up as characters like “the Dude” or “El Esqueleto”  before getting his hair cut.

IMG_5744Unsure of why this “cape” was put on him.

IMG_5758Unsure of what is going on.

IMG_5775Doing well.

IMG_5786Still doing well.

IMG_5794And then this happened.

IMG_5807He’s a ruckus-maker with charm.

IMG_5839Kudos to you, Little Nugget. You survived your first haircut even with a small fever, cough, and runny nose.

I found the following while journaling for Little Nugget. I found it so fitting with how I feel right now. Our little boy is growing up!

1/14/13 – You are 8 weeks. It is currently one o’clock in the morning and I just laid you in your crib. You fell asleep in my arms. The sweet and peaceful look on your face made me not want to put you down, and it makes me never want to leave you anywhere other than my arms. I love you so much it hurts. You are so precious I want to eat you up with kisses. I never knew true unconditional love like this existed until you brought it into my life. Thank you, and thank God for you.

Cheers to the simple moments in life!




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