On the trail to the top

Mountain biking is different now that I’m Little Nugget’s mom. It’s a good kind of different. It has become an opportunity for reflection. It has become therapeutic. It definitely continues to be the exhilarating workout with the great photographic opportunities of amazing views that it was, but there is something different. Something better.

I went on a quick ride up Caballero Canyon today.  It was the first time in at least four months. My post-ride body is hinting that tomorrow I’m going to be wishing that I had trained a little more before doing it, but no! This momma wanted a challenge. Well, I got one.

Caballero Canyon was where I started mountain biking, so I am familiar with it and had an idea of what sections I was going to walk. I didn’t go into my ride thinking I was going to walk, but more like I probably will walk. For example, I attempted the short and steep incline that I’ve succeeded in climbing maybe twice in my life; but I popped off of my bike. I also attempted the thin single track-like incline with the ditch next to it; but I unclipped before I could fall into the ditch (again). Even though I didn’t surprise myself by walking some pieces, I did surprise myself by doing others. I rode down what used to seem like the steepest piece of dirt I had ever seen, the top of Reseda. Today, it looked completely doable, and it was done by me! I sounded like Little Nugget reaching the gate where the dirt and road separate, “yaying” and “bravoing” myself for riding down that mountain. After tackling one of my fears, I had a smile from ear to ear plastered on my face.

There were moments where I thought I was going to quit; what snapped me out of it was telling myself, “Jasmin, you pushed a baby out gosh darn it!” I was back in labor breathing through each contraction, or in this case, breathing through every pedal rotation. The moments when I found my cadence, especially on the climbs, all I could hear was Josh telling me, “You got this Nugget!”, like he does when I ride with him. Today, riding helped me find strength I forgot I had. It helped me see that life is like a ride, at times you feel like you can’t go any further and you’re going to pass out, but in reality, if you stop and breathe, you’ll see that you can push through it.

My little heart couldn’t have been happier on today’s ride. I thought about my better half and Little Nugget the entire time. I realized that my motivation is wanting my two guys to be proud of me, to know that I am doing what I love and trying my best at it. I want to inspire Little Nugget to enjoy life and kick butt doing it. I want Josh to know that he inspires me to ride, and that I’m training to give him some competition. I love riding with him, and I can’t wait to get Little Nugget out on the trails with us.

I’m proud to say that I finished my ride strong. I finished strong for my family.



IMG_20140604_174507_945really like riding in the mountains! Oh, and being cheesy.

Cheers to mountain biking!



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