Marisa Martin and the Salton Sea

The internet can be a burdensome place making you feel overly connected to everyone’s life while disconnected to your own. However, the internet is also a great channel to share your thoughts, emotions, talents, or pretty much anything. It is also a great way to make connections and build communities, and to receive and give support.  As a mom, support is a big part of my every day, so today I want to share about a friend who is talented, passionate, and creatively crazy (in a good way). She is the reason why Little Nugget has his own song. Why I haven’t shared it yet is a very good question.

BABY JThe album art to “Baby J”.
Photo courtesy of Marisa Martin’s SoundCloud.
Listen to “Baby J” here.

Marisa Martin, the singer and songwriter of “Baby J”, performed the song at Little Nugget’s baby shower. It was very special to have Marisa surprise us with a song for our first-born.  It was a thoughtful song that encompassed many of the hobbies and interests that we hope to pass on to Little Nugget.

Aside from being talented enough to write our son a song, Marisa is also very passionate about saving the world in whatever way she can. Currently, she is creating music and performing it in effort to spread the news on saving the dying Salton Sea. I wouldn’t know where or what the Salton Sea was if it wasn’t for her. Marisa’s hunger to make a difference landed her an invitation to an expedition in Mexico. She traveled with scientists, reporters, and other artists to explore options of how the Salton Sea can be revived and kept alive for the animals, plants, and people that still utilize it. During her expedition, a video to her song “Bury Your Head in the Sand” was filmed. She wrote this song in the spirit of standing up for what you believe in, and in her case, it’s saving the Salton Sea. I’m excited to know that my friend is making herself heard.

Unity and community are important, and this is definitely where the internet is a handy tool. Maybe I won’t be successful in directly adding to the efforts of saving the Salton Sea, but my hopes are to inform others about saving this body of water to allow future generations of animals, people, and plant-life to enjoy.

Marisa has also shared with us her passion to make a difference. I hope that Little Nugget learns a little bit of her activist ways so that he too can make a difference in whatever he feels passionate about.

If you’d like to become a part of the movement or simply find out about the Salton Sea, visit the following links:

Visit EcoMedia Compass’ Facebook.
Inform yourself by visiting the Save Our Sea website.

To experience a piece of this movement, mark your calendars for July 11th. The EcoMedia Compass will be hosting a FREE event where Marisa’s music video to her song “Bury Your Head in the Sand” will be released.


Cheers to supporting our friends!

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