The midwife that PUSHed her passion



I’m back and better than ever. There’s plenty of madness going on in my life right now, mostly good. I’ve been teeter tottering between hobbies and passions trying my best to find a balance, and well, no luck yet. If anyone finds the algorithm for the perfect balance please enlighten me. I’ll pay for it!


Today, I walked into birthing heaven. PUSH Midwifery and Birth Center was just the place I needed to visit to get my muse back. Visiting Robyn Pool and getting a tour of her new birth center made me feel like a kid in a candy store.


Robyn was one of the two midwives present at my labor. She was the beautiful being who caught Little Nugget. She brought peace, security, and confidence to my pregnancy. She showed me my first real placenta (my own) and taught me about it. (One of the coolest things I’ve ever seen!) She even made Josh and I a postpartum dinner. Her passion for what she does is undeniably apparent through what she has created for her clients, and you feel it when you walk through the door.


Before I move forward with describing the birth center, let me just say that my words and pictures will not do it justice. Robyn completes the equation to this birthing environment, so part of the experience is conversing with Robyn herself.


Neighbor to the Thousand Oaks Surgical Hospital, PUSH Midwifery and Birth Center makes you forget you are in a medical building surrounded by dentists, surgeons, and radiologists. The calming aroma that massages your face as you walk through the door is a reminder that childbirth can be a beautiful experience. The vintage feel the center has is a reminder that childbirth has existed for years and is stronger than ever. The soft colors on the walls and furniture make the lighting perfect for a laboring woman to discover the inner peace needed during labor. I can try to continue explaining what the center looks like, but I invite you to take a look for yourself…

PUSH Midwifery and Birth Center in Thousand Oaks, Ca.
I love how Robyn has furniture set up near windows. Natural light is a great remedy for many things including an anxious momma-to-be.


This is art! I fell in love with all 9 pieces.
Piece 9 of 9. If you ever visit Robyn, ask her to explain how the artist made these. The process is breathtaking.
Did you notice the horse hiding behind the blue chair a few pictures ago? It is a carousel rocking horse and visiting children can ride it. How cool! I know Little Nugget would love to give that horse a spin (or in this case, a rock).
More toys for the kiddos to play with. Side note: the toys were in use by a soon-to-be big brother.
A piece of beauty that will be a part of the retail space.
More retail space.
You will also find some good reads at the birth center. Soon to come.
I couldn’t help but take a picture of how cute the silverware looked in the kitchen.
I miss looking down at my belly when I’d step on a scale.
How cool are these vintage glass bottles? That’s a breast pump on the front right side. I can’t imagine how mommas back then pumped with that.
I miss Little Nugget being small enough to lay in this to be weighed.
This beautiful sofa is in one of the rooms. I love the natural light that kisses my face when sitting near windows.
I loved this mirror in the birth suite’s bathroom.
Need to sit in the shower during labor? No worries, Robyn’s got that covered.
This beauty is conveniently located in the birth suite. Breastfeeding much?


The bed! It makes me think of the first skin to skin contact I had with Little Nugget.
Points for those who know what this is.
Love love love this area!
Lights on.
Neighbor to the beautiful fluffy bed.
Robyn will keep the light on for you, you just have to knock.

I am so grateful to Robyn for allowing me to take pictures of her birth center and just sitting with me to catch up.

If you’d like more information on Robyn’s services and her birth center check out her website: PUSH Midwifery and Birth Center.

Cheers to having good people in your life!


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