Working out the kinks

Little Nugget has been potty training for a little over 2 weeks now. We are so blessed to have my mom (his primary caregiver) who has handled about 75% (if not more) of the hard work and turned it into something for us to practice instead of introduce. Last weekend, Josh and I stayed home to reinforce what he has been learning at my mom’s house. We tried to keep it as consistent as possible. I’d say it all has worked well as we have learned Little Nugget’s queues, and he’s gotten better at telling us that he has to go right away. Accidents, as expected, have happened, but I honestly thought it would be worse. There are no horror stories yet. Yet.

This weekend, we got a little more risky with it. Little Nugget had a great week without too many accidents, so I decided to treat him to some outings to see how we would manage. Saturday, we went shopping for a couple of public potty training essentials. (They’re essentials in my opinion.) Our kit included a foldable child-size toilet seat and some travel size clorox wipes. The toilet seat came with a sturdy reusable plastic bag that I can store the seat and clorox wipes in.

Today, we put my kit to the test as well as my patience amongst other things. Little Nugget and I had a family day at the Los Angeles Zoo with my sister, niece, and nephew/godson. I felt well prepared and confident for the day ahead.

Fifteen minutes into having arrived at the zoo, Little Nugget pulled the “Oh, peepee!” card. The clock was ticking. The sequence of events (in my head) went as follows:

  1. Oh no! The real test is here!
  2. Ok Ilan, please please please hold it! I have no idea where the bathroom is.
  3. Ok, I know the zoo keeper told me exactly where the bathroom is located, but I didn’t hear a word he said because I’m already dripping sweat from the panic that my kid is going to pee!
  4. He’s wearing a Pull-Up so if he doesn’t make it, we’re alright. (I felt a split second of relaxation.)
  5. But Pull-Ups suck and he still leaks through! (Back to panicking.)
  6. (I’m carrying Little Nugget running with my handy dandy training kit.) Where is this bathroom??!! I wish I had listened to the zoo keeper.
  7. Finally! The bathroom. Ok, Jasmin relax don’t panic. Stop shaking. Ugh, I hate these seat covers they always fall off!
  8. (Spoken in an unconvincing tone.) “Ok, papas we’re almost there. Wait just a second ok?” (Meanwhile in my head.) This is going to be more than a second.

By the time I finally set up his seat and sat him down, his pants were wet and he had to have his legs wiped down. I felt defeated. I felt like all my hard work and panic had been for nothing. I felt like everything had gone wrong.

Regardless of how I was feeling, I had to demonstrate to Little Nugget that we were alright, especially after his “ta da!”.

Upon getting him off the toilet and standing him up on the floor to wipe him down, I noticed one of his shoes were missing. I had no choice but to let him stand on the floor wearing only a sock on one foot. At that point, my feelings of disgust had to be set aside and I knew I’d tackle that dirty sock at a later point. I could keep going on with everything else that went wrong during that potty break, but reflecting back on it, I know that there was/will be more positive to all of this than negatives.

During this period of transition, I find myself learning and growing. I am learning how to control my emotions, anger, frustrations, and discomforts while working on Little Nugget’s potty training and doing my best to make it a success and not something to fear.

During this period of transition, strange and unfamiliar things are happening, but adaptation is soon to follow and I will shortly (relatively speaking) will come back to this and laugh. I will laugh at how new I was to it all and how much I will have grown. My patience is short, but it’s growing by the day. My frustrations are long, but are shortening by each public restroom we visit. My discomforts are overwhelming, but Little Nugget is chasing them away with each “ta da!” he shouts whenever he visits the restroom (success or not).

I remember telling my sister, “I am NOT having a good time right now!”, but now I laugh at that moment because this is only the beginning. There will be a lot more practice for me to perfect my public potty set up for Little Nugget and I will put the “hand dandy” in that darn kit!


On our way out of the zoo.
On our way out of the zoo. Proof that we survived.

Cheers to the never ending growth we experience as human beings!


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