Little Nugget turns 2

Our Little Nugget has once again become a year older. I wish, like possibly every other parent, that I could pause time and keep him at this age until I’m ready to move onto the next year. However, it is a beautiful feeling to have a special day set aside by God just to celebrate the birth and life of such a beautiful human being that has been entrusted to us.

I look forward to Little Nugget’s birthday (I think more than mine) because it fills my heart with pure gold to see his eyes light up and his happiness shine through his smile. Now, this isn’t to say that he isn’t a happy toddler other days too.

So, what did we do for his birthday you may be asking? We kept it simple (no, no party yet), and Little Nugget proved to be ecstatic with how we celebrated him. Oh how I love our simple Little Nugget!

Little Nugget is a regular at the fire station located behind my parents’ home, and he LOVES anything that has to do with that line of work. On Friday, the day before LN’s birthday, we walked over to the fire station to sing him “Happy Birthday” and cut a cake.
After the cake, the firemen took Little Nugget, Josh, and I on a fire truck ride through the neighborhood. “Our” firemen rock! They make our LN so happy.
After the truck ride, the firemen took LN into their racquetball room and let him run wild, and wild he ran!
LN also loves big vehicles including buses and trains; so, on Saturday, his birthday, we stationed our car at the North Hollywood Metro station and took him a on his first subway ride.
He was impressed, happy, and in the clouds!
He was impressed, happy, and in the clouds!
LN wasn’t as impressed with Hollywood and Highland as he was with the subway train.
Playing the waiting game.
LN’s birthday will forever hold a special place in my heart as it will always mark our yearly anniversary of being a family.
We also celebrated by hanging out and eating Pirate’s Booty. Another of LN’s favorite things to do.
This year’s DIY birthday project. The center was supposed to be a space for a picture, but the firemen didn’t know that so they drew in it. I think it was better than any picture I couldn’t pasted there. LN loves it!

Cheers to watching and enjoying the growth of those close to our hearts!


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