A growing team

I’m happy to be expanding on my “teaming up” theme. The word “team” has become a type of motivational trigger word for me lately, so expect team-friendly blog posts. ::insert bashfully smiling emoji here::

I don’t want to make it seem like individual people cannot reach excellence, nor do I want to bash anyone that prefers to work alone. However, I do want to be an example of what a team can accomplish. Wait, that’s not right. I want us to be an example.

For over a year now, I have been trying to complete my childbirth educator certification, and I’ve been doing it alone. This, this has been a “dream killer”, and that is exactly how I described it in an email that I recently sent. I reached out for help. I reached out to the amazing doula/teacher/mentor/etc Ana Paula Markel from Bini Birth. To my surprise (she’s a very busy person), she replied right away. Her response made my heart swell with gratitude. There was no hesitation on her part to offer help. On the contrary, she said I can count on them for support. What?! How often do you encounter people that don’t know you (we’ve met once) and are extremely willing to help you? …Whenever you need them. (I’m being completely honest with myself here.) I’m learning that when you do something with all your heart, when you love it and it shows, people want to help you. Commitment speaks volumes. Don’t be selfish. Share your passions with others and you’ll see that people will want to do the same. Just imagine all the good that comes out of this. Remember, it’s more fun to succeed with others, whether it’s your success or those of your teammates.

My Our team is coming together. I invite you to join me us.

In the spirit of being a team, I’d like to recommend a blog written by my dear friend, Bee from The Buzz with Bee. This gal is so talented and passionate, and definitely brings out the best in people. She writes positively about life and her words are contagious. I highly recommend checking out her space.

This picture was taken in February of 2014 when I first visited Bini Birth. :)
This picture was taken in February of 2014 when I first visited Bini Birth. 🙂


Thank you, sincerely, for reading.

Cheers and fist bumps!


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