Bambo Nature training pants – review

A big thank you to Bambo Nature for the goodies! We recently received a pack of training pants to try, and we loved them! Well, I don’t exactly know what Little Nugget thinks, but from a parent’s perspective, I know that Josh and I have grown to respect and appreciate the Bambo Nature brand.

This won’t be a scientific review of the Bambo Nature training pants as has already done an outstanding job at this. (I highly recommend checking out their review especially if you have children in diapers, or are in process of potty training.) This will be more of a Big Nugget-styled review. This is actually my first posted review, so please forgive me if it’s “non-traditional”, though I don’t think there is a traditional way to review products.

**Please keep in mind that the following is my personal opinion. Bambo Nature is not paying me for this review. I have chosen to compare Bambo Nature’s training pants with Huggies’ Pull-Ups because we were previously using Pull-Ups on Little Nugget. If you have an extra few minutes after reading this post, please visit Bambo Nature’s website to read more about who they are, where they come from, and what they stand for. You will not be disappointed, especially if you’re into the earth-friendly movement but don’t do cloth diapers.***

I’ll start with the packaging because this, believe it or not, influences my decision on whether I purchase the product or not. At first sight, it didn’t seem like anything special as it has a smiling child on the front like every other brand. However, I did appreciate the soft green and blue colors as they make the packaging visually appealing, unlike the bright and visually irritating colors like other brands have. The category of bright colors that remind me of fast food restaurants.

Aside from the packaging, the first major difference I noticed between Bambo Nature and Pull-Ups is the attention they give their customers, or potential customers. This is rare. Usually when I get samples, I don’t have any direct contact with the company. I just get samples. Bambo Nature stood out from the rest when they contacted me via Instagram where they featured Josh as “Father of the week”. It’s seems small and possibly insignificant to many, but to me it meant that someone from Bambo Nature took the time to recognize that my better half is awesome. They took the time to contact Josh and I, and even sent us some goodies. Believe me when I say that this doesn’t happen often.

As far as the actual training pants, they look like little pillows for your child’s booty to rest on, and they feel less coarse than Pull-Ups. I’ve been describing them as less synthetic than Pull-Ups. Waaay less synthetic. If you purchase Bambo Nature diapers or training pants, I’m confident that you’ll notice the difference. If you read about Bambo Nature, you’ll know why they feel different and why they are different. If I could, I’d try them on to let you know exactly how they feel on my butt, but they don’t make them in that large of a size. Ha!

Another thing I really liked about the training pants is the disposable tape located on the back of the pant. Although Little Nugget hasn’t had any #2 accidents during his sleep (which is when he uses the training pants), thank God, it’s nice to still have some way to keep the pant closed while it’s in our apartment’s trashcan. No one really needs to see the inside of a wet (or soiled) training pant. It seems like the Pull-Ups brand forgot that toddlers pee and poop like infants.

I also love that Little Nugget has not gotten soaked in his own pee when wearing the Bambo Nature training pants. LN isn’t night trained (yet), so he sleeps with a training pant on, and even though the package doesn’t say that they are for “nighttime”, they very well seem like they are because they are extremely absorbent. We’ve used the nighttime Pull-Ups, but we found ourselves having to give Little Nugget and his crib a wardrobe change at least 4 nights out of the week. It was extremely frustrating! I appreciate how Bambo Nature has nailed the absorbency process for their training pants. Instead of clumping up in the middle, the fluid gets absorbed throughout the pant, and you won’t find that gel material stuck to your child’s bottom like you do with Pull-Ups.

Lastly, my favorite part of the Bambo Nature training pants is their side release. Seriously. It may seem like a small detail, but it means a lot to me that the Bambo Nature training pants don’t scratch Little Nugget or me! Pull-Ups always manage to leave scratches on our skin, and if your hands are as dry as mine, they sometimes leave small paper-cut-like wounds. It always feels like Velcro scratching my skin. Bambo Nature side releases are softer and don’t rip as you pull them up or down.

I will confidently give Bambo Nature training pants 5 out of 5 Nuggets. I wish I could send them some type of Nugget trophy for being so awesome, but since I can’t, how about a giveaway? If you’re interested in winning a pack of Bambo Nature diapers or training pants and a pack of wipes just follow the rules below to enter the giveaway.

1. Leave a comment on this post.
2. Include your email address in your comment.
3. Mention one thing about your current diaper/training pants that you wish you could improve.

**The giveaway ends on Sunday, 1/25 at 9pm PST and the winner will be emailed by Wednesday, 1/28.**

A heartfelt thank you to Bambo Nature for being an honest company with quality product.
A heartfelt thank you to Bambo Nature for being an honest company with quality product.
Bambo Nature training pants in size 5 (front).
Bambo Nature training pants in size 5 (front).
My favorite part of these training pants! Their super soft and durable side releases.
My favorite part of these training pants! Their super soft and durable side releases.
Bambo Nature training pants in size 5 (back). There's the disposable tape I was talking about.
Bambo Nature training pants in size 5 (back). There’s the disposable tape I was talking about.
Pull-Ups' side releases are my un-best friend.
Pull-Ups’ side releases are my un-best friends.
Huggies Pull-Ups "nighttime, super absorbent" training pants. (The quotation marks represent sarcasm.)
Huggies Pull-Ups “nighttime, super absorbent” training pants. (The quotation marks represent sarcasm.)
Little Nugget crashing my "photoshoot".
Little Nugget crashing my “photoshoot”.
Bambo Nature and Pull-Ups compared.
BAMBO NATURE (left) price – 20 ct = $12.74 (on Approx. $0.64 each. PULL-UPS (right) price – 68 ct = $29.99 (at Target). Approx. $0.44 each.
This is the shot that Bambo Nature featured on their Instagram and Facebook page. Josh was chosen as that week's "Father Crush Friday". ::insert heart-eyed emoji here::
This is the shot that Bambo Nature featured on their Instagram and Facebook page. Josh was chosen as that week’s “Father Crush Friday”. ::insert heart-eyed emoji here::

Cheers to connecting with great companies!


14 thoughts on “Bambo Nature training pants – review

  1. We used this brand for diapers and I was really happy! Not sure why I switched brands for the training pants, but I wish our current ones were softer!

  2. This is the first time I am hearing about training pants from Bambo Nature. My son is 2.5 years old. We tried using training pants (different brand) that were given to us by a friend whose son just got potty trained. We tried them and they were awful. They smelled so bad that we stopped using them. My search for training pants is still going on. I would like to try the ones from Bambo Nature. Thanks for the opportunity. My email address is

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Sheetal! I hope that you find the training pants that suit your needs soon. I know that Bambo Nature has samples available too. I would recommend contacting them to see if they can send you some to try. Best of luck and thank you again!

  3. The only thing I would change about the training pants that we use now is the quantity for the price. As we are just starting to potty train, we can go through quite a bit of training pants.

    1. Amanda, thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. I agree, price is a deciding factor for me too. Bambo Nature is on average about 20 cents more per training pant than other brands, but well worth it. I understand what you mean about going through quite a bit a day. Before potty training, we’d change our son every time he would even only wet his diaper a tiny bit, so it really didn’t matter how “absorbent” the diaper was. The generic brand was just fine. Now, that he’s potty trained, and uses training pants only at night, Bambo Nature is THE brand for us because they don’t fail in keeping our little one dry throughout the night. The extra 20 cents per pant is not as bad as having to change our son in the middle of the night and do laundry everyday. 🙂

  4. Wow! Your review does make me want to try these.

    Like you, the fact Pull-ups can’t be sealed up after taking them off is a pet peeve. I really like the fact that I could seal these up for the diaper pail and not have to worry about dumping the poo out.

    I also wish Pull-ups came in more general “prints”, maybe just animals, vehicles, musical themes. We don’t watch Jake, so he really doesn’t care for those prints.

    jaymee76 at gmail dot com

    1. Jaymee, thank you so much for your kind words and for the read! You bring up another thing I like about Bambo Nature, and I forgot to mention. We don’t care for cartoon characters and prefer generic prints too, and Bambo Nature does just that. Thanks for mentioning that!

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