That time when…you get a glimpse of the passion that lives inside your child.

We recently went out for dinner. Little Nugget sat between Josh and I.  As we waited for our food, out of nowhere, Little Nugget turned to me and fiercely grabbed my face. He caressed my face with both hands, and with my chin in his palms, he brought me in to give me a kiss. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t feel like the Wicked Witch of the West (for comparison purposes only). Figuratively speaking, his actions were water on my green-hued skin. Saying that I melted is an understatement. I know exactly how cartoon characters feel when they turn into a pond of putty.

Then, there was another day when Little Nugget softly grabbed my shoulder, almost as if he were concerned about something negative going on in my life. Standing on our couch, he looked me deep in the eyes, and with a completely serious face he asked me, “Mom, how you doing?” My brain was flabbergasted. I froze for a few seconds, looked back into his concerned little man eyes and thought, “How old are you child???” I quickly snapped back to reality and responded, “I am well. Thank you, and you?” I didn’t receive a response back because when you are two years old your attention span is brief.

Little Nugget is already speaking and singing non-stop. It won’t be long before we can understand more than half of what he’s saying. My search for that remote control from Click is going to start getting pretty serious very soon.

This picture could be it's own "That time when", but I've decided to be positive and take advantage of the fact that a special someone cut his bangs without asking his parents. His temporary nickname is "Ringo". He IS musically inclined, and he responds to it. Haha!
His temporary nickname is “Ringo”. My momma thought he needed a haircut. ::insert rolling eyes here:: Gotta love our mommas!


Cheers to keeping a light heart!


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