Journey to Zion – week 5

Below is the first entry to a little journal I started when I found out I was pregnant with Zion. You’ll see below I started documenting about 2 months ago, so I’ll figure out how to line my blog up with my weeks without overwhelming you (or at least trying not to).

Cheers to another amazing journey!

The day is Monday, March 23rd. I confirmed my pregnancy on Friday, March 20th. The second I confirmed this life-changing detail, my mind went blank and my body started shaking. I instantly felt overwhelmed. It was like I had never been pregnant before, like I had never sat in a childbirth class, and like I didn’t like labor. Who was I and where had my birth-junkie-self gone?

Prior to finding out, I told myself that if I was pregnant I wanted to wait and tell Josh. I wanted to wait and tell him in an arsty farsty cutsie way. I wanted the unveiling of this information to be “memorable” for him. I couldn’t. Who was I kidding? I immediately called him and told him he was going to be a father again. The moment will be undoubtedly memorable for the both of us. After telling one other person and writing a letter to my beautiful child growing comfortably inside me, I calmed down and was able to think rationally. The doubts, fears, and questions started subsiding. All the relaxation techniques I have made a part of my daily life fell beautifully into play.

I decided to keep a weekly journal of my pregnancy this time around for two reasons: 1. to have for myself to be able to look back on how beautiful my journey is (and was), and 2. for the newbie-pregnant-soon-to-be-mothers who find themselves overwhelmed with everything that comes with this life-changing event. Whether it is your first, second, or seventh pregnancy, growing a child is hard work in every possible aspect. Of course, what I share is not the (only) right way to do pregnancy, neither will it be everyone’s preferred method, but I ask that you remember that I write in peace and with good intentions. I love pregnancy, labor, and everything maternity. Just as I wouldn’t judge you and your opinions/decisions, please be kind and don’t judge me. I am a work in progress, and my goal is happiness. I strive to share only positivity even through the obstacles. I am excited to share this journey with you, so welcome and enjoy. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, my only request is that you try and keep it positive.

– Nothing yet other than a small pudgy belly which I thought was a result of overeating (before finding out I was growing a child).
– Heightened appetite.
– Heightened sense of smell.
– Drowsiness, but no fatigue (yet).
– Sore breasts.

– I am all of a sudden crazy about checking nutritional facts on everything, specifically how much sugar everything contains.
– Bananas with peanut butter are my thing right now.
– Fruits in general. Freshly squeeze orange juice. Good thing my mom has a tree!
– Grilled veggies such as red bell peppers and tomatoes with avocado. Lip-smacking good!

Physical activity
– I stopped doing the stairs at work and started walking. I walk on my breaks and on my lunch. My walks are currently high paced.
– Nightly stretching.

– Not much of a difference yet.

– I continue to practice deep breathing as a relaxation technique.


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