Journey to Zion – week 6

Josh and I have been “plan-crazy” at home. Too early you think? Well if you’ve never been pregnant, 9 months goes by faster than you can imagine. Josh and I are doing our best not to procrastinate on getting our little family ready for this amazing addition. From paying off debt to talking about childcare options, we’ve become extremely proactive in starting to put things in line. We’ve started removing as much clutter from our apartment as possible. If we learned anything from having Little Nugget it’s: babies bring plenty of baggage with them. No, I don’t mean “baggage” like an adult would bring, but l i t e r a l l y baggage and baggage worth of stuff and things and more stuff. Most of the time, they do need all of this stuff, but then there are those items that just float around for months because “we might need them”, so we are doing our best to make as much space as possible as our family of three will quickly become a family of four. Oh my gosh!!!

Cheers to decluttering your life!

– My sense of smell is still pretty strong.
– I am now getting fatigued, especially towards the end of the day. If I sit down forget it, I’m probably not getting back up.
– My breasts are still sore. The prolactin seems to be working already. I actually had the “let-down” feeling the other day. I was nervous for a second that I might actually lactate.

– I am constantly hungry.
– I am loving veggies right now, especially roasted veggies. I have been taking whole vegetables to work. I cut them up and place them in the little oven for lunch.

Physical activity
– When I have an hour of lunch, I will walk an average of 2-3 miles. When I have a 30 minute lunch, I will climb 25 floors of stairs.
– I am continuing my nightly stretching and will sometimes meditate.


– I find myself losing my patience with Little Nugget faster than usual. I am trying hard to talk to him before yelling at him. I know I will only need the habit of being patient with him to be normal when Zion becomes earth-side.

– I continue practicing deep breathing as a relaxation technique. This has been extremely important for me especially when feeling anxious, stressed, frustrated, or when I find myself in any type of discomfort. I want to ensure I have this down as I know that this will only help me with dealing with the discomfort of labor.



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