That time when…big brother starts making decisions for his younger sibling.

Yup, Little Nugget has already started decided on what Zion likes and doesn’t like. What a “considerate” brother he is.

We’ve been so blessed throughout our parenting journey to have many hand-me-downs (no shame here). Recently, we received a toddler bed for Little Nugget so that Zion can use the crib.  Little Nugget set up and got comfortable in his own bed before we even properly set it up. The excitement of a new bed lasted two nights. The first two nights, Little Nugget slept in his bed without a peep. On the third night, he decided to give us three options upon bedtime.

1. “Bed with me mom? Bed with my daddy?” – Either one of us could sleep in his new bed with him.
2. “Bed with you mom? Bed with you daddy?” – We could allow him to come to bed with us in our bed.
3. “Bed in my bed?” – He could sleep in his old bed, the crib.

Yup. He gave us options. Luckily, there was no tantrum, no crying, no screaming, but then again this wasn’t something I thought important enough for me to start a war over. I figured there is still some time left for him to understand and accept that Zion will be sleeping in the crib, so he’ll have to sleep in his own bed. We gave him the go-ahead to sleep in “his” crib. Upon jumping into the multiple-owner-crib, he sat up with the most serious expression I’ve ever seen him have, and the following exchange happened:

LN: “Mom, Zion don’t like.”
Me: “Zion doesn’t like what papa?”
LN: “Mom, Zion don’t like bed.”
Me (trying not to laugh): “How do you know that Zion doesn’t like the bed.”
LN (with a small shrug of the shoulders): “Zion don’t like.”
And with this last sure statement, he laid down and got comfortable for bed.

Yup. There’s no doubt in my mind that he’s going to be a great big brother. I wonder what else Zion won’t like  to Little Nugget’s convenience?

The day the bed was brought over, the day the excitement was at its peak. Ha!
The day the bed was brought over, the day the excitement was at its peak. Ha!

Cheers to keeping a light heart!


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