Journey to Zion – week 7

Little Nugget has caught onto the idea that something’s cooking inside my belly. Subconsciously of course. Josh and I have been trying to explain to him that he’s going to be a big brother, that he’s going to have someone to play with, but he just says, “Baby, mom and dad. Ilan no baby.” Apparently, he’s not on board with the idea just yet. I try to remember that he’s only two. I can’t expect him to understand. He has also been very needy, whiney, and clingy lately, which is all to be expected, so everyone seems to be saying.

We had missed our grocery shopping day due to family being in from out of town and the Easter holiday, so I’m sure we were all suffering with the lack of food in our home. Especially me! I was cranky, moody, queasy, and a bunch of other non-preggo-friendly moods/emotions/feelings. I finally decided to make time to go to Costco after work, and MY GOODNESS I felt like a completely different person the next morning. I told Josh, “I have a very good problem. My lunch bag won’t close from all the food I’ve stuffed in it.” I even had an extra pep in my step. Food makes a difference in your life, especially if you’re making a child. Duh! That’s pretty obvious!

Cheers to the blessing of food to nourish your body!

– Strong sense of smell (still). I’ve been telling people that I feel like a dog: able to smell the layers of fragrances as if they were right under my nose.
– Fatigue. Fatigue. Fatigue. I know that this is partially due to the fact that I’m not eating enough.
– My breasts are looking and feeling more “full”. Milk production! Yeah! I most definitely look forward to breastfeeding Zion. As hard as it is, it is an intimate relationship that only momma and baby have once baby is earth-side.

– Constantly hungry.
– Beans! Specifically my mom’s homemade beans. Cooked, refried, in a burrito…give me beans! This may be because I’m not eating enough protein.

Physical activity
– My physical activity has really dropped this week.

– Nothing much to report here yet.

– Focusing on posture. Keeping balanced. Trying hard not to cross my legs when sitting.


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