Journey to Zion – week 8

Little Nugget has made a positive turn. We (Josh, Little Nugget, and I) had a really cute moment as a family where Little Nugget seemed to grasp the slightest idea that a new little person is on his/her way. I was getting ready to jump in the shower – I especially like taking this time to show Little Nugget my belly – when I asked him if he wanted a baby. Like his usual self, he said, “No, mom and daddy baby.” Meaning, Josh and I can have a baby if we want to, but he’s not necessarily asking for or wanting one. I responded to him by saying, “It’s Ilan’s baby, and mom’s baby, and daddy’s baby. It’s all of our baby.” He seemed to have liked this idea because when I asked him if he wanted to give his baby a hug he jumped up with joy and said “Yes!”. He came over and hugged my legs, lightly patted my lower abdomen, and said, “Hi baby!” Josh and I just looked at each other and just melted. This is “the” moment I had been waiting for. Dreaming for. God is so good to us. Of course, there are many other moments I dream of, but we’ll gladly take them one at a time.

Cheers to excited siblings!

– I’ve felt some abdominal cramping. The cramping wasn’t anything that felt life-threatening or too painful to withstand, more like discomfort. I breathed through it, layed down, and it subsided within 20 minutes.

– My current snacks consist of greek yogurt, fresh strawberry, and granola parfaits, Belvita breakfast cookies, bananas, and a medley of dried fruits.
– Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to drink as much water as I had been drinking prior to pregnancy. I was drinking over 100 ounces of water, and now I have to try hard to get to 60 ounces.
– No new or specific cravings happening…yet.

Physical activity
– I’ve done a little bit of a few things this week. Some short hikes with Little Nugget, a bike ride, some stairs at work, but nothing consistent.

– I’d say my patience has leveled out this week. I’ve been able to calmly talk to Little Nugget and I don’t feel so overwhelmed.
– Then there were the days this week that I was just H O R M O N A L! I tried my hardest not to show it to anyone as only a handful of people know that I’m going to be a momma again. I don’t want questions to be asked. I tried keeping to myself, although I found it quite difficult. All in one day, I realized what a RoLLeRCoaSTeR life really is. I feel so confused because of all of the emotions I am feeling. Good thing I can keep in mind that it’s temporary. The hormones are too much some times. I find it scary, though, the moments where I start feeling myself veer towards the negative. They’re all doubts, questions, guilty feelings.

– I’ve been trying to remember to do my kegel exercises daily. I want that pelvic floor as strong as possible for labor!



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