Journey to Zion – week 9

I’m getting anxious about meeting with our midwife, Robyn. I want to hear our Mini Nugget’s heartbeat already. I want to hear from the mouth of a birth professional that I am indeed pregnant. It’s still so surreal. I remember with Little Nugget, the first weeks of pregnancy, well until I actually started seeing a bump, I’d stick my stomach out to pretend I saw some kind of physical change. With Little Nugget keeping me busy and distracted, I feel like I’m just a mother of one walking around with sore breasts and a funky appetite.

Cheers to growing bellies!

– Fatigue comes and goes. It seems to be a simple equation, for me at least, little rest and a poor diet will have me crashing wondering how I’m going to walk to my car much less drive home after work.
– My breasts feels like they’re getting ready for my menstruation cycle to begin times ten. Pressing my chest against Josh’s back feels magical. They feel like that bruise that you can’t help but keep poking to simply feel the sore-type of pain.

– I’m still doing my greek yogurt parfaits as a snack.
– We stocked up on nuts at Sprouts to have available for snacking.
– My water intake has been decent. Nowhere close to where it used to be.
– No new or specific cravings happening…yet.

Physical activity
– With little fatigue, I’ve been able to do more physical activity. I started doing 15 deep squats a day (I read this will help my pelvic floor as much if not more than kegel exercises), I restarted my pull-ups (making sure nothing feels weird, though the additional abdominal soreness was weird with a growing belly), and I’ve been walking anywhere from 1.5 – 3 miles a day on my lunch break.



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