Journey to Zion – week 13

I received a text from our midwife stating that we were having a “REALLY healthy baby.” The results from my bloodwork came back and God has once again blessed us with a healthy baby. Of course, the possibility of skin sensibilities, allergies, post nasal drip (like momma), and any other minor discomforts aren’t ruled out, but thank you baby Jesus for our healthy baby. We also found out the sex of our little Zion. (Yes, whether our baby was a girl or a boy, the name was going to be Zion.) We had the option of waiting until our next appointment to find out or call our midwife to find out. We called, of course. With Little Nugget in Josh’s arms, and all three of us huddled over my phone, Robyn delivered the news. WE SCREAMED!!! You would’ve thought we won the lottery, and in many ways we did. However, no monetary value is acceptable here because it simply doesn’t exist for the precious little person coming to make us four.

– I’ve rubbed my back with my favorite vitamin gel for a few days after having Josh try to pop the huge mountains on my back (with no success). Thank you baby Jesus for this gel! It dried them out in only 3 days. I’m not claiming victory yet, but there haven’t been any new outbreaks of pimples yet.
– My dreams have been outrageous. I’ve been having a few a week. They all surround chaotic events, even death of people around me, but somehow I a l w a y s come out a survivor. Even when I end up wounded, I come out alive and triumphant. In sharing some of the dreams with Josh, he made me realize that this just means that it doesn’t matter the obstacle, I have the strength to overcome it. Amen! This is why he is my better half.

Cheers to wonderful news!



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