That time when…you are given a second to be in your toddler’s thoughts.

Little Nugget has been crawling into bed with me the last few nights. He’ll fall asleep with me and when Josh comes to bed, Josh will transfer him to his own bed. Little Nugget has also been a little more of a sweetheart than usual. Alright alright, sweetheart is a shorter way of saying that he’s been more attached to me than usual.

On this particular night, he was tired past his threshold (like usual), but kept managing to either hug me, run his hands through my hair, or ask me a couple of questions. I could tell he was trying to get comfortable.

Those couple of questions set my momma heart on fire. It was an over joyous fire of contentment for parenthood.

His nose almost to my nose and with his little arm around my neck, Little Nugget asked me, “Mom, will you be my mommy?” With his question catching me off guard, I let out a little giggle and exuberantly replied, “Of course, papa! Always. Siempre.” He closed his eyes and smiled. Shortly after that, he asked me his second and final question for the night, “Mom, you happy?” And I replied, “I’m very happy papa. Are you happy?”…he nodded his head yes, took his arm from around my neck, got comfortable, and fell asleep for the night.

I was and am so grateful for these moments. I wish I knew more of his doubts, questions, fears, and enjoyments, but I am aware that he is only borrowed and I will cherish what I can get and try my best to give him space to flourish into the independent and rooted being God has entrusted me with.




Cheers to keeping a light heart!


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