Introduce yourself to the world

I have decided to start giving my blog a little more love. It’s not that I didn’t or don’t have love for my blog already, but I really want to dedicate some more time to it being that I really enjoy writing. In an attempt of getting better at my blogging hobby, I decided to join WordPress’ Blogging 101, so you will be seeing more posts from me as well as some growth. (I’m hoping.)

Today’s focus: introducing myself to the world.

Well, to begin, my name is Jasmin with no “e” at the end. My grandfather thought that “Gardenia” would have been a better flower name for me, but I’m happy that my mother decided to stick with Jasmin (with no “e”, and that was literally the way I’d say my name growing up until I just gave up and let people spell it however they wanted to).

Introductions have always been a little bit awkward for me because well, what do you start with? Am I giving too much information about myself? Too little? Am I sounding boring? Redundant? As I have all these questions to answer on how to proceed from what my name is, I remember, this is my little space in the huge internet world and I can talk about whatever I want! How cool! (I forget that some times.)

I think I’ll start off with where I come from since my whole blog is pretty much all about where I am physically, emotionally, and mentally at the moment. Yes, I like that. Let me restate that. Because my blog revolves mainly around the fact that I am a mother, I will give you pieces of me that brought me to where I am now, and I’ll try not to make it too long.

I was born and raised in Southern California in a little place called the San Fernando Valley. I was born to two proud American citizens who migrated from Mexico and have worked extremely hard to give their children as good of a life as they possibly could. I am the third-born of four children, and God knows what I would do without my siblings (especially my sister)! I have an older sister who is a magnificent and devoted teacher, an older brother who is a dedicated and passionate firefighter/paramedic, and a brainy little brother who is currently studying Sustainable Design at UC Berkeley. We are all dog-lovers.

I dealt with a very bad case of depression from the age of 10 to somewhere after I dropped out of college. I was suicidal, but have since found ways of dealing with my depressive thoughts and can confidently say that I’ve overcome that dark chapter in my life (95% of the time).

I graduated high school #2 in my class, having won prom queen, and “most likely to succeed”. Not that I think I’m a failure or anything, but I think my graduating class had something else in mind when they gave me that superlative title.

I went to UC Santa Barbara for 2 years. Moved back home after a terrible car accident. Tried to finish my degree at Cal State Northridge, but decided that college just wasn’t not for me. I have not returned since.

I have worked at Petco as a bather, department manager, and dog trainer. At Whitney Howard Designs where I managed a couple departments (with me as the only one in the department). And I currently work at AIG in the New Business department where I hold a few roles.

I’ve been the better half to my better half for over 8 years (we’re going on 9), who I have 2 children with. Ok, well, will have two children with come November. I am currently 6 months pregnant. (You can follow my Journey to Zion here.)

As a full-time working mother of (soon-to-be) two children, I am having a difficult time trying to solidify what I’m going to do as a career. I sometimes wish I had figured it out before having children, but at the same time, I am a firm believer of things happening for a reason. Cliché I know, but seriously, things unfold just as they’re supposed to, so I’m excited to see how my journey unfolds.

This is where my blog comes in. I have journals upon journals of writing, mainly personal material, so shortly after Little Nugget was born, I decided to start a space of my own on the internet. I started it with the intention of trying to reach other parents to bring them some sunshine on those days where you just can’t seem to shake the gray cloud that can so annoyingly follow you. However, with every additional post I publish, I’ve realized that it’s not only parents that I’m trying to reach. I’m actually just trying to reach anyone that’ll read my words. Anyone that can relate to me, learn from me, educate me, excite me, anyone I can humor. ANYONE. I try my best to keep my words positive and reflect who I really am behind this keyboard I type from. As an example of how real I try to be…I love art, but fall short on the artsy game. I love photography, but am only an amateur at it. I love mountain biking, but have a scarred up knee from all the falls I’ve taken. I love food, but am not much of a cook. And most of all, I love my life, but there are times where I fail to see all the beauty in it, so on the days where the colors shine brighter than usual, I try to document why I think the shade of blue is brighter than yesterday’s. I hope that something I say somewhere on this little space of mine can do the same for you. I thank you from the bottom of my little heart for taking the time to read some if not all my words. You inspire me to keep writing.

Lastly, I just want to mention that I am as committed as I can be to the lifestyle I have, and do my best to live humbly and without judgement. I think that is one of the most important parts of life…to accept, acknowledge, and attempt to understand that we are all living different lives. Your shade of blue (can you tell I like blue?) is most likely a little darker or even brighter than mine, but guess what? It’s still blue. Acceptance and positivity…that’s what else you’ll find on my blog.

An almost-4-year-old picture. I chose this one because it's a picture from before I became a mom, and it shows that the Nugget name went back before kids. (Thanks to my better half.)
An almost-4-year-old picture. I chose this one because it’s a picture from before I became a mom, and it shows that the Nugget name goes back before kids. (Thanks to my better half.) Me and my French Nugget, my fur baby.

Cheers to getting to know someone new!


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