Journey to Zion – week 16

I’ve been working hard to fall deeper in love with Josh and Little Nugget, as well as repair these same relationships with the two men that hold the largest pieces of my heart. I decided that this was an important focus early on in my pregnancy because I know how complicated and rocky the waters can get when a new baby enters your life. One thing that isn’t emphasized in childbirth classes is that your relationship with your spouse/partner will require more work and attention than it did before the baby. Yes, this was the case with Josh and I. Thank God, we worked through it, but just as I said, we W O R K E D through it. It required a lot of communication, patience and understanding for one another. I know that focusing on strengthening my relationships with Josh and Little Nugget now won’t guarantee that things will be easier when Zion comes earthside, but I definitely think that I’ll be one step ahead. I’d like to think that they’ll be in a better position than if I hadn’t done any work on them at all. I know that amongst the sleepless nights, endless diaper and wardrobe changes, and all of the other frustrations that a new baby brings, there will be some turmoil, but as Pink Floyd said, “United we stand, divided we fall.” I’m working towards unity. It’s not that we aren’t united now, but with Little Nugget’s pregnancy, Josh and I were an inseparable force, and that is what we are/will be with Zion.

Cheers to unity!



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