A ceremonial event

Being a nurturer, I enjoy helping people and things grow. I just can’t explain why it has been any different with my blog. I had and still have many hopes and dreams for this little space of mine, and I am enjoying spending more time with it to help it develop into a space where people can find comfort and positivity. With that comfort and positivity, I also want to bring knowledge. To whom? To anyone, especially to those women, partners, and couples together that are currently experiencing the blessing of growing a baby. I want to be a part of the movement changing the preconceived notions of what labor looks like or should look like. I want to bring more calm, peace, and harmony to this area with the passion I feel for it. I am far from being a professional in the topic of labor and delivery, but man, you better bet I have a flame burning so high for it. I had such a positive experience with my first-born thanks to the amazing support team I had cheering me on and educating me every step of the way, that I only want to do the same for other women/couples no matter their birth choice.

Labor is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to surrender to the beauties of the most intense discomforts known to a female body. I am honored and proud to know what it feels like.

My hopes for this section of my blog is to bring you anything and everything that can help a pregnant women see labor as a ceremonial event instead of an episode to fear.

The following video contains scenes of a nude laboring woman.


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