Journey to Zion – week 18

I have found a great deal of comfort in stretching. Although I’d like to say that I meditate during my nightly stretches, my mind doesn’t always quiet down enough to hear my surroundings. Oh, to be one with the present! I tend to think a lot, but I’ve come to allow myself to go with the flow and this has ultimately helped me relax as well, maybe not as much as full meditation, but I work with what I have. I love to think about labor. Crazy, I know, but I love to feel the empowerment that flows through my veins, heart, and mind when thinking about that last stretch when the contractions are pushing your limits, when you feel like you are going to give up. Little Nugget’s labor must have left that great of an impression on me. The most vivid memory I have of my first-born’s labor is being on the floor, contractions engaged full force, and me feeling like the amazon woman I never knew I could be. I remember whipping my body back with every intense tug that my uterus made as it hugged Little Nugget down getting him ready for his arrival. I was on all fours wishing it would stop, but somehow in postpartum that was my favorite part. Now, with that scene replaying in my head, my heart has created a new scene for Zion’s labor. I dance a tribal dance during this intense moment. I can hear my audio as if it were pre-recorded in my head. I can see my body sway, squat, and stretch vigorously trying to get through the waves my uterus will bring as it hugs yet another amazing human being out of me, birthing life into me while I release a life into the world. I dance a tribal dance, and this…this makes my heart happy.

Cheers to allowing yourself to visualize beauty instead of fear!

Physical activity
– My energy has been great, I’ve been walking 3 miles every day.

– I’m eating all meals with fresh fruits or veggies. Ex: Bagel with cream cheese + a freshly peeled grapefruit or freshly cut peaches on the side.



2 thoughts on “Journey to Zion – week 18

  1. You are awesome! I love this post so much. I, too, felt like an Amazonian woman during labor! How amazing are these bodies of ours?
    P.s. Your site looks so great. I might need some tips on how to make mine look like this!

    1. You just made me one happy momma/blogger!!! Thank you so very much! Our bodies are most definitely that of another world. Incredible and magnificent.
      As far as my blog, I’ve been playing around with it a lot the last few days. I joined WordPress’ blogging 101 and it’s done some cool stuff for me so far. I mean, you have to do the work, but it’s a great guide to helping your blog grow. I highly recommend it. It’s free too!

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