Journey to Zion – week 20

Finally dug out the 5 pieces of actual maternity clothes that I will live in during the entirety of my pregnancy. Well, minus the dozens of dresses that aren’t specifically maternity. I love being pregnant during summer time. Stretchy pants, big shirts, stretchy dresses…that’s all I need.

Cheers to being pregnant during summer!

Physical activity
– My body resents me the night I don’t stretch. It is necessary for me to decompress nightly.
– I reached my goal of 60 plus miles of walking this month. I wasn’t doing enough physical activity so I put my foot down and started doing something about it. I’m feeling so good.

– Ilan has been such a sweetheart. I can already see what a great big brother he’s going to be. I see a huge change in his attitude from the beginning of my pregnancy to now. He has gotten used to us talking about Zion and is nicer about the idea. He loves going to the birth center or as he calls it, “Robyn’s house“.



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