Journey to Zion – week 19

A letter to my soon-to-be Zion…

Hi mamas, I want to start by reassuring you that this journal is temporary. I looked through all my journals to start one just for you, but they all have writing in them (go figure).

Baby girl, I am so excited for you! I am a week away from being 5 months pregnant with you and I still can’t believe you’re a cookin’ in my belly. I’ve been feeling you move for about a week already. I still can’t believe God’s blessing me with my Zion.

You just had a special moment with daddy. Daddy started talking to you, which I love because I get to experience it all and because Ilan’s learning to do the same. Going back to your special moment with daddy. Daddy started talking to you, and now with your movements being more apparent, he got to feel you move three times on his cheek as he had his face to my belly while he talked to you. It was so beautiful, I cried. Yes, mom’s a crier. I cried because I was able to be a part of an interaction between you and your daddy…your very first interaction. I look forward to and pray to God to let me experience a lifetime of these interactions plus much more. You are already so special to us, baby girl. You’re coming into a beautiful life.

Mom loves you so much!



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