Journey to Zion – week 21

I tend to overwork myself. I’m an overdoer, an overachiever that tends to work harder more times than smarter. I’ve always been that way. This week I proved it to myself once again. I overworked my body to the point of feeling like if I moved even an inch more, I would collapse. So instead of moving, I just collapsed. I make it sound more dramatic than it really was because it wasn’t anything to be concerned about, but my body really felt as dramatic and exhausted as I make it sound.

I needed an outlet, so half-hanging off of the end of my bed was the solution at that moment. I worried Little Nugget enough to want to call the doctor. He’s so sweet. He serves as my reminder that I mustn’t give up. With this little reminder, I became proactive and tried to make things better for myself. Unfortunately,  it takes people to tell me or remind me to do that. Before proceeding to do the one thing that has been my lifesaver nowadays, I asked Little Nugget to pray with me to remove some of the anxiety and distress from my mind. After praying and lifting some of the angst, I proceeded with my secret weapon…stretching! My body resents me the night I don’t stretch and decompress. It’s become a must for me and I’ll do it at least 5 nights a week.

Cheers to having an outlet!

– I surpassed my June goal of walking 60 miles. I walked 64 miles in the month of June.

– My areolas are itching! I informed my midwife of this and she stated that it could be because my breasts are regenerating and preparing for breastfeeding. I’ve been calming the itch with vitamin c lotion mixed in with some vitamin gel (from Omnilife) which has been helping tremendously.
– The urinary frequency has lessened, especially at night.



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