Full-time working parents

Josh and I have had very little alone time lately. He’s been working long hours between his day job in addition to generating momentum for the two businesses he’s in partnership with. I, on the other hand, have been pretty consumed by what the heck I’m trying to do with my life, spending more time nurturing this blog of mine, worrying about what exactly we’re going to do about childcare when Zion’s here and I’m back at work, and trying to enjoy quality time with Little Nugget and our growing Zion.

I’ve been missing Josh’s company a little more than usual. I get to kiss him before I leave for work in the mornings and get a little bit of time with him in the evenings after his return from visiting bicycle shops, riding with potential customers, business meetings, or fixing a client’s bicycle, but it’s generally only enough time to fill each other in on how our days went. The weekends are pretty busy, too.

I’m so proud of Josh and know that his hard work will soon gain the momentum needed for him to have a little more time with us. I’m grateful that at the end of the day it’s his fingers I hold between mine, his lips I kiss, and that my heart still yearns for him to be the one I grow old with.

I’m blessed to have him in my life. We’re blessed to have each other. I know that the sacrifices we make aren’t in vein. Josh said it best (and this is me paraphrasing because I suck at quoting someone exactly), “If we’re just doing this for the insurance, then let’s just keep working without having any goals.” Yeah…that shouldn’t even have quotation marks around it because it’s not what he said, but it’s the gist of the conversation we had when I blew up overwhelmed with pressure about, well, the changes that are just around the corner. What I got from our conversation was, we need to have a goal for ourselves. Our children aren’t roadblocks. If anything, they should be our inspiration to be better, have and meet goals, and to ultimately inspire them to have their own aspirations. If we lose sight of our passions now, what will we have when our borrowed children have left our nest and flown to start their own?

Thanks for letting me share my vulnerabilities with you. A lot of the time, writing things out is that extra step to unlocking some important revelation I needed to find an answer to my questions.

Cheers to our partners who lift us up!

Circa 2008. Photo credit to Hilkiah P Browne.

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