Journey to Zion – week 22

On one of my walks, I started feeling a sharp cramp on the right side of my pelvis. I tried breathing it out but there was no relief. I kept walking but nothing got better. I’m so grateful to God for all the knowledge I have gained from mentors, my last pregnancy, and my studies for my certification because without it I would have probably freaked out. I got to the nearest shady spot, squatted, pelvic rocked, got up, took a few deep breaths and felt instant relief. It wasn’t a magic act, and believe that I’m not exaggerating the situation. I would be exaggerating if I said that the pain was unbearable. It wasn’t. I believe that it was just Zion’s positioning because the squats and pelvic rocks helped tremendously. It was definitely discomforting, and this is exactly how I see labor. I keep telling Josh how excited I am about labor. I just pray that it doesn’t go too fast that I can’t enjoy it. I know I know, I’m crazy. Judge all you want but I love it. The serene surroundings of my planned birth center and support group will make it one of the best moments I will live through in my life…next to Little Nugget’s labor. Two of my greatest accomplishments.

– Recently, I’ve needed to accompany my meals with fresh fruit. Cold and cut.


– I’ve started feeling some occasional vaginal pressure and lower back soreness. My body has started feeling the discomforts of the additional weight. I’ll end the day with sore feet and a heavy-feeling lower back. Going to break out the yoga ball soon.
– Josh is really good about massaging me and suprisingly remembers some of the techniques we learned in our birth classes with Little Nugget. We’re going to start reviewing comfort measures and labor-helping stretches soon.

Cheers to knowledge!



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