A good Friday with some judgement

Does it still count if this happened last Friday? Psh, it’s my space. Of course it does.

Having a good Friday, feeling some good vibes, listening to albums like “Stankonia” and “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”, a couple of my blog posts received some likes from a new-to-me blogger. I appreciate when fellow bloggers like or comment on my posts because it gives me the opportunity to visit their pages, read their words, and hopefully connect with them in ways that can be the start of an online supportive relationship.

Anyways, in visiting and reading this new-to-me blogger’s words, I found myself a little offended. I found myself at work thrown off of my usual routine, lost in a way, and all I could affiliate these feelings to were to her choice of words and opinions. We are currently both pregnant, but in some ways have opposing views and forms of expressions on things. Her choice of language was also a little bit of an issue for me.

Then, in listening to the magnificent Lauryn Hill’s “Superstar”, a lot of her versus in the song stood out to me. The issue wasn’t with this new blogger, the issue was internal. I claim to be non-judgmental, appreciative of differences, and open to new people, and here I was rattled by what was someone else’s life, opinions, experiences, and struggles. I felt ashamed and a little betrayed by my feelings because they went against what I claim to be and stand for.

Since being pulled off of my high horse by Ms. Hill’s words, I have forgiven myself for the judgments, re-defined the fact that I welcome difference and can grow from it. I have also reached out to the blogger with a sincere apology and appreciation for her struggles and for sharing her life to better and inspire the life of others.


2 thoughts on “A good Friday with some judgement

  1. I can totally understand that! I don’t consider myself a judgemental person. But if I didn’t ” judge” people, I would be friends with everybody, not just the people whom I chooses to surround myself with. Thanks for sharing ☺ It was very honorable of you to apologize and write this post.

    1. Very true, very true. Thank you for reading and for sharing this very true statement. I guess we are all judgemental one way or another, what you do with that judgement or how you act with it is a different story.

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