Journey to Zion – week 24

We had our first ultrasound this week. Zion moved excessively it was difficult for the technician to get the images she needed. The ultrasound ran longer because of Zion’s acorbatic movement. As a result of the long period of time spent in a supine position and even on my side, I felt extremely nauseous and faint. It took me at least half an hour to shake off these ill feelings. On the bright side, Little Nugget thought Zion looked like a fish, and as always, he loved to listen to her heartbeat. We were assured that Zion has a healthy spine and is measuring right on track. The technician also mentioned Zion’s weight, but I don’t trust it as ultrasounds can’t accurately guess how “big” your baby will actually be.  I don’t see us having another ultrasound unless medically necessary, especially with our little gymnist, Zion, dancing up a storm in my belly.

In addition to our ultrasound, we also had our 6 month appointment with Robyn, our amazing midwife. If I haven’t mentioned it before, Little Nugget absolutely loves going to “Robyn’s house” because 1.) he gets to play with all the cool toys she has for visiting siblings-to-be, and 2.) he gets to listen to Zion’s heartbeat. “Boom boom boom boom” he says. This time around he even shed some heavy tears leaving the birth center. He just wasn’t finished playing. Robyn asserted me that his actions were normal and we are doing the best we can to maneuver around these dramatic emotions. (That’s my translation of her words to me.) Which leads me to express how confident and comfortable I am in my choice of prenatal care. You know how when a pregnant momma dog is getting close to starting labor she chooses her place of comfort if she is free to do so? Well if you didn’t know, there’s no way of choosing it for her. She will decide where she has her puppies and there are no ands ifs or buts about it. Well, that’s how I feel. There aren’t very many things I stand firm on due to my nature (I tend to second guess myself a lot), but this is one of those choices where it doesn’t matter the comments, advice, or criticism I get when I explain I’m having an out-of-hospital birth, and moreso with Robyn Pool as my midwife. She’s got our back 110%. She’s sassy, intelligent, caring, confident, humorous, classy, down-to-earth, easygoing, and just plain awesome!

– On this last prenatal appointment, Robyn and I visited the gestational diabetes test. She offered options: the customary sugar drink test, using a device to measure my sugar levels twice daily, or declining the test altogether. After discussing the pros and cons, risks and benefits of each option, I decided to declined the gestational diabetes test. I didn’t test positive with Little Nugget and my diet and exercise are good, so I didn’t feel like I needed to do it again. It’s nice to have a care provider that gives me options and respects my decisions. Of course, Robyn and I both know that I am low-risk and in good health, so declining to have things done such as the GD test is medically alright.

Cheers to being informed and respected!



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