Falling behind

Just as I think I’m making progress, I realize that I’m actually falling behind. Almost like that two steps forward one step back dance that a momma goes through during the pushing phase of labor. (Yes, I love labor. Have you realized that yet?)

I’ve been trying to keep up with Blogging 101, but man, life is just happening way too fast and attempting to keep up has been challenging the amount of hours I’m actually resting. I really want to thrive, but how to thrive when I’m adding more things to my plate?

I love blogging even if it causes me to lose sleep. It used to be mainly because I get to write and release stress, share my life, knowledge, experiences, and emotions with you, but ever since I started Blogging 101, I’ve found a new reason to love blogging. I become refreshed with new knowledge, new perspectives, and new inspirations. Take the following quote for example…

Taken from Julia and My Red Page where I have been finding plenty of inspiration and reminders to be in the present. I just wish the present would wait a little longer so I could have more time to involve my thoughts with the keyboard.

As I find myself in and out of angst about the major life changes that will be happening with Zion’s arrival (which is 3 or so months away!!), I came across the quote above. Thank you Julia! I needed this. I needed something to make me stop and think.

My thoughts on the quote she shared?

It always seems to come down to control. I seem to have this weakening power (oxymoronic isn’t it?) where I convince myself that planning the future down to the seconds will ensure that everything goes my way. I somehow think I have control to make things work out. This very false sense of control over the future invites anxiety into the party like that kid no one wants there. I say I have this weakening power because God always has a way of bringing me back to breath in the moment. Always. There is no way to say how long I’ll last living in the present, but I’d like to think that the extent of time gets longer with every reset. And then…the power comes back.

Will there be space in the Headstart program for Little Nugget when he turns three?
If Little Nugget does get accepted, will the scheduling work out?
Will I be able to take more than three months off of work to be with Zion?
If I can, how long will I work before finding my career?
Will we be able to afford to have someone watch Zion at our home?

These questions are a labyrinth that lead to nothing but negative emotions. “Everything will work out,” says everyone that I share my anxieties with. Yes, ultimately, it will, but it’s easy to say this when you’re not undergoing the stress. Sometimes you need a little more than just a brush on the shoulder. Sometimes you need a deeper quote like the one Julia provided to make you think harder and longer.

Again, thank you Julia for challenging me with this quote because it’s that reset button that I needed.

Cheers to creating a community through inspiration!


5 thoughts on “Falling behind

  1. Thank you for joining R.E.D quote challenge, I am so happy you’ve found inspiration from it and that somehow it help you feel more at ease! Sometimes we worry about very simple things and most of the time we make them bigger than they really are…for me it’s important not to forget what’s happening now, because you can never get back the present as for the future…let’s worry about it when it will become the present:)
    Lots of love,

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