Labor has been one of the most important moments in my life to surrender. In understanding the importance of surrendering in such a life changing situation, in such a ritualistic moment, I became inspired to write the following. It may not be anything that hasn’t been written or spoken before, but I know it’s straight from my momma heart and it’s something I want to repeat in my heart over and over so that when Zion comes, I can enjoy the process as much as possible.

yourself to the most natural of discomforts.
Surrender yourself to the discomforts your body was born to endure, what women for centuries have undergone surrounded by tribes or in plain solitude.
Surrender yourself to the tugging, the pulling, the pushing, the straining.
Surrendering will only benefit you, your baby, and the process.
Surrender yourself with every breath, inhaling more life into the life that’s about to be born.
Surrender yourself with every position discovering comfort in that lunge, squat, or slow dance up against your partner’s chest.
Surrender yourself with every moan, groan, and peak of a contraction.
You have the ultimate power, and who would have thought that through vulnerability and surrender arises such deep and meaningful force, the force of nature entrusted in our majestic and wonderful female bodies.
We were meant for this discomfort.
We were made for this journey. For this miracle.
Now, trust mother nature as she holds you close through every layer of surrender.
She holds your hand guiding you through the labor journey as she knows it all too well. Before you know it, she’ll be standing back and marveling at your amazing work and gazing at the Godly site before her, the site made of a roaring mother holding an angelic child.


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