Journey to Zion – week 27

My absence in writing about my journey to this mini Nugget of ours is not to say that the journey has come to a halt. Thank God it hasn’t stopped. Zion is growing and moving like an acrobat on caffeine. All day. Every day. I can tell she’s getting bigger, not only for the obvious reason that she should be, but because her movements are making me jump a little bit more, they’re tickling a little bit more, and at times causing me to cringe with a weird look on my face. It all makes me smile nonetheless.

I’ve been doing my best to take it day by day, trying not to worry about childcare as much as I was the last few weeks. It was consuming too much of my space causing tension in some of my relationships. No one’s fault other than my own because I forget a solution will come with time, and if it isn’t the best solution, then we will adjust and/or adapt. I attempt to remember if I worried like this when I was pregnant with Little Nugget, but I can’t remember. I’m sure I did. How fast it is that we forget our insignificant worries. Obviously, things with Little Nugget worked out. So why hold on to the worry? I ask myself now. I must keep this in mind for the present.

I can’t believe I’ll be 7 months pregnant very soon! In exclaiming this, Josh stated, “So you’ve only got 2 more months?” Incorrect! I’ve put it out to the universe that I will go full term and that for me means 10 months. The full 40 weeks! I believe. I want. I need. The universe will deliver.

Things are well here.

– My physical activity has declined greatly. I have not been walking like I was in the last months.
– I don’t fail my body on the stretching, though. My yoga ball (aka birth ball) has seen plenty of me lately, too.

Cheers to positively living!

How I don’t have a 27 week picture beats me, but here I am at 25 weeks.

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