A community of women

I believe in community, in strength in numbers. I believe that there is so much inspiration to be shared within a supportive community. A supportive community is that where people of different generations, genders, backgrounds, and/or beliefs can agree to disagree and still express mutual respect and motivation. A successful community is built by its members, and in return, it builds those members into stronger more resilient people. A community has heart and personality, and those aspects shine bright through the people which hold it up.

There is a community I discovered by chance. Well, I don’t know if chance is the correct word to use as it may have already been intertwined in my journey without me knowing. I discovered this community through a beautiful soul which I stumbled upon on Instagram. As I inquired about a project that I noticed she was a part of, this beautiful soul enthusiastically invited me to contribute and be a part of it too. I found it to be a significant gesture that someone so ordinary and unknown as me could be invited to be a part of something so remarkable as The Story of Me Project. After contributing for the first time in June, I found that this project was more than just a project, it was a movement. It is a living community of women that comes together at least once a month to celebrate their differences and unique beauty through photographs, quotes, thoughts, and support for one another.

So, all of the inspirational talk above brings me to my August’s photograph contribution to the project. I shot the picture with the intention of using it for this month, but when it came down to submitting it, I hesitated. It felt risky. After giving it some thought though, I strongly felt it was right to share it. I took the picture with all good intentions of expressing how proud I am of my body and its wonders. My vision for the image translated beautifully onto a digital photograph that properly portrayed the love and appreciation for the power my body holds. But, what would other people think? Then, I remembered the space it was being shared in. It was being contributed as part of a project where women show love for all types of beauty. I felt safe and accepted no matter how “risky” my picture felt. I knew my intentions. I submitted the image with my words and felt proud for doing so.

Cheers to a community that nurtures self-love!

The day I submitted my photo, I saw this on my Instagram feed. It reassured me that I had done something good for my heart.
The day I submitted my photo, I saw this on my Instagram feed. It reassured me that I had done something good for my heart.

The above photo is courtesy of Intentions United‘s Instagram (which I love following). It’s a great place for, as they put it, “Interfaith action dedicated to shifting Global Consciousness.”

**To view my photograph mentioned in the post above, please visit The Story of Me Project – August. I felt it was safer for it to stay within the community of women and under the project’s haven.**

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